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No One Hundred Degree Days – Yet!

By Rainey Owen

By the end of July last year, Lexington had already ‘enjoyed’ 39 days of over 100 degree temperatures. Of those, 15 were in June. So far this year, we’ve not yet seen one! In 2008 we had only 10 days of over100 degrees through July. So if memories of last year include lots of hot days, they’re correct, last year was really hot – and dry.

Through June of last year, we had received only 6.71 inches of rain, while already this year we’ve officially had 19.18 inches. We all welcome the 12.47 inchesof rain for this year! The normal (30-year) average through June is some 18.35, so this puts Lexington almost an inch above normal for this year.

As Mr. Steve Smart of the US Weather Service in New Braunfels said, “This year’s rainfall is over three times what it was at this time last year, and so far, we haven’t reached 100 degrees yet. Looks like a much different year.”

The average first day of 100 degree weather is not usually until July 20, only a week away, while the average last day of 100 degree weather is not till August 30.

Last year also took 3 of the top ten places for most consecutive 100 degree days, with first place being 16 consecutive days ending July 22; sixth place being 9 days ending August 28, and seventh place also being 9 days ending June 29. The most recent year with NO 100 degree days was 2007, only three years ago.

The hottest day on record? September 6, 2000 when it was 111 degrees.

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