2010-07-09 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The school is quiet this week. They are getting ready for the push to the start of school. Football and volleyball practices start on August 2nd. The summer is almost over, even though it seems like it is just starting.

The Texas Rangers have five players on the All-Star team. The Astros have only one, Michael Bourn, who wasn’t even a factor last year. Two franchises headed in opposite directions. The Astros have two marketable ‘stars’ that are not that marketable.

The Cowboys and Texans will be starting their team camps soon. The rookies and free agents are already trying to make their marks, like Jordan Shipley has with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Colt McCoy is getting married this month. His bride is a 6-foot tall blonde. He is soon to be a millionaire and will have someone to help him spend his wealth.

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