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More Items to Think About

by Mike Organ

The Soccer World Cup Competition - The World Cup every four years is more focused than the Olympics. Nations forget wars and religious beliefs are put on hold as nations focus their national pride on their soccer team representatives. Athletic competition can give people something positive to funnel their emotions into instead political or religious disagreements.

The World Cup is much like football competition in Texas. The local teams are representatives of communities. Many people wear their pride well; some will let their emotions get the best of them and do something ill advised.

Athletic competition brings out the best in people and sometimes the worst, but it does get a nation or community unitarily focused. The old-time battles between Lexington and Giddings, in football, were akin to a civil war week in Lee County. After that week passed, the two communities supported the other as the season progressed.

Preseason Predictions - With preseason predictions out, like Lexington #5 in 2A-DII and Giddings #8 in 3A, sportswriters are trying to play out the football season before it even starts. The district winners are picked, the playoff brackets already filled out and a state champion crowned in July!!!!!!

It puts a lot of pressure on the youngsters on the field to live out the preordination. A critical injury can cause a team to fail to live up to the predictions. A family move can cause a quality increase or decrease in smaller schools’ teams. Unfortunately family break ups due to divorce or health can change the dynamics of a team also.

In some instances, fans from opposing teams place monetary value to the successes of their favorite team. This occurs more in professional and college games, but it also happens in high school competition. If someone overdoes it and loses unexpectedly, they can become their favorite team’s worst nightmare. The players and coaches get blamed for the loss on the field and well as the pocketbook.

Tennis on TV - How many TV viewers watch it on TV? When international events are telecast, American TV either shows it live, which means the event can be seen at midnight or at 7:00 in the morning. If it is scheduled locally for US TV the locals can see the event at midnight or 7am while we watch it at normal ‘game’ time. That makes people love the US even more.

Tennis is one of the best games for hand-eye coordination and for overall physical exercise. If you have watched Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer play on TV they make the game look so easy. With their skills and experience it is extremely easy. If the couch potatoes go out for a little tennis, balls will be flying all over the court and in some cases the neighborhood. They will spend more time chasing the miss-hit balls than they will playing the game. If you think, “he is not talking about me,” find you a good wall and try to hit 10 balls in a row to the wall without making a mistake.

Rookies in the NFL - How do you think the veterans in the NFL feel when a young man gets 10-50 million dollars guaranteed to sign with a team when they have been playing for years for ‘only’ $3 to 10 million? The price of sports has gotten out of hand. The finances of sport have gotten out of hand. When an average player can expect to make 1 or 2 million a year, what can the really exceptional athletes expect to make? We are to blame, period. If we did not idolize the field warriors, then they would not being earning the huge salaries.

Cost of a Pro Ticket - When a game ticket to a Cowboys’ game costs $90 to stand on the concourse or sit above the huge scoreboard, you know it’s out of control. In those seats, you can watch the game on the giant TV, which you could do on your couch. An article said it cost about $800 for a family of two to go to a game including parking, concessions, and buying a keepsake to commemorate the trip. How many people would spend that much money for a seat in church on Sunday? Which seat would do the person the most good?

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