2010-07-09 / Police

Sheriff’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

June 28, 2010

Deputy Ray investigated a Burglary of a Building in Dime Box where an open window was found; he also found a pickup truck parked that was loaded with stolen items from the building. The case is under investigation.

Sheriff’s Office responded to the Country Club area in regards to a suspicious person at a residence, it was determined that it was a worker hired to do some work.

Deputy Durrenberger assisted Fayette County in shutting down F.M. 448 at the County Line in order to repair a gas leak.

A report of a suspicious vehicle on CR 138 was investigated by Deputy Lapham.

Deputies Durrenberger, Easley and Lapham were unable to locate a Suspicious Blue F-150 vehicle pulling a trailer on CR 231.

June 29, 2010

Sheriff’s Office had report of cattle on road on Highway 21 and CR 114, Deputy Lapham responded to the call.

Deputy Lapham investigated a Burglary of a Building on CR 302.

Deputy Carvin responded to a burglary alarm call on CR340, the alarm was set off accidentally.

Sheriff’s Office received a call about chickens, chicken eggs missing, Deputy Aderhold was dispatched.

June 30, 2010

Deputy Aderhold removed 3 horses off FM 3403 and CR 445.

A report of a suspicious U-haul van in the Country Club area was reported, Deputy Lapham was dispatched.

Deputy Kothmann located a suspicious vehicle on an oil field road on CR 117, the driver and passenger was released.

Deputy Aderhold and Deputy Carvin attempted to locate a suspicious vehicle on CR 201; the vehicle had been seen in the area 2 days in a row.

A report of illegal dumping was reported on Highway 21 at the rest area; Deputy Aderhold investigated and found a Calf’s carcass was in a trash bag.

Deputy Aderhold responded to an alarm call on CR 340, a garage door was slightly opened and nothing appeared to be tampered with.

July 1, 2010 Deputy Gonzales assisted Family Crisis with a civil standby.

A report of a Theft was taken and investigated by Deputy Gonzales.

July 2, 2010

A report of Cows out on Highway 21 at CR 338, Deputy Lapham responded.

Deputy Lapham responded to a welfare concern, the subject was fine and able to leave with the mother.

Deputy Carvin assisted Child Protective Services with a child removal and civil standby.

Deputy Lapham assisted with an accident on Highway by the Middle Creek Road.

A snake was report under a dishwasher, Deputy Durrenberger responded to the call.

Deputy Gonzales and Deputy Carvin responded to a child custody case, the complainant were informed that she needed to go to court.

A report of a prowler on Highway 21 was reported to Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Carvin, the call was marked unable to locate.

July 3, 2010

A report of a suspicious vehicle parked in a curve on CR 132, where two people were sitting in the car, Deputy Aderhold was unable to locate the vehicle.

Deputy Durrenberger took a report and investigated a theft off CR 106.

Deputy Aderhold assisted in unlocking a vehicle on CR 2440.

July 4, 2010

Deputy Aderhold was dispatched to a call to assist Burleson County on a welfare concern of a female in Lee County, the female was reported at home and O.K.

A call was received from Scott and White about an owner of a dog being bitten, Deputy Durrenberger made contact with the owner to Quarantine the dog.

Sheriff’s Office received a domestic call, Deputy Durrenberger responded but the caller called back to disregard the call.

Deputy Durrenberger gave a courtesy ride to Giddings for two subjects walking on Highway 290 by the Airline Park.


Jail Count: 07/04/ 2010: 39 Males: 34 Females: 5

No major incidents were reported during the 4th of July Weekend. In the month of June the Lee County Dispatchers received 307 calls for service; the Lee County Jail had 1273 inmate jail days in population and 65 inmate jail days in holding


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