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Sheriff ’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

June 7, 2010

A concerned citizen reported a white Toyota car parked in front of his residence on East Hwy 21. The complainant went out to ask if they needed something and the driver drove off and stopped again near the neighbor’s house. Deputy Ray was dispatched and spoke to the driver who reported that his vehicle was overheating and he stopped to let it cool off.

A caller reported that a truck was driving very slowly up and down CR 318. The truck would stop at a driveway and then continue to the next driveway. Deputy Ray was dispatched along with a Lexington officer. The vehicle was located on FM 112 heading into Lexington. The driver was with a repossession company and was looking for an address. Officers advised him to call the Sheriff’s Office prior to any repossession attempts.

Deputy Lapham was dispatched to CR 430 in Dime Box after a concerned citizen reported a small blue car parked at a residence. The vehicle was located and the deputy spoke to the subject who advised he was hired to paint the fence. The information was verified and everything was okay.

A resident on CR 430 reported that a white truck with a deep freeze on the back stopped at his place and was trying to sell him meat. He ran them off and believes they may just be scoping out people’s property. Deputy Carvin was dispatched and searched the area.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to CR 329 after a resident reported a suspicious white Chevrolet truck with a missing tailgate. The vehicle had left the scene prior to arrival. A close patrol of the area is in effect.

A motorist reported a reckless driver on FM 448 heading towards Giddings. The vehicle did a u-turn in front of the high school and then went Hwy 290 West, then turned around again heading eastbound. Deputy Ray located the vehicle and spoke to the driver. The woman advised that she was lost and had been talking on her cell phone.

June 8, 2010

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a hospice nurse requesting assistance on CR 230. A patient was very weak and needed help getting back to bed. Deputy Ray assisted.

Several motorists reported that a large ice truck had stalled in a bad curve on Hwy 21. They advised that due to the hard rain, the situation was dangerous for motorists. Deputy Lapham was dispatched but reported that the truck was gone prior to his arrival.

Burleson County reported to the Sheriff’s Office that a white male driving a maroon Ford Ranger was on his way to Austin from Caldwell via Hwy 21. The driver was involved in some sort of altercation and was reported to be armed and had threatened to kill someone. Deputies on duty were broadcasted the information. A short time later Burleson County called back and reported they had located and arrested the subject.

A concerned citizen reported that a small grey car drove up to a pasture on CR 143 and dropped off a black male and then left. Deputy Lapham and Deputy Carvin responded to the call. The vehicle was located and the driver was identified. The driver reported that he dropped off the subject so he could look for his dog that went into the pasture. Deputies waited for subject to come out of the pasture. He was identified and released.

Deputy Aderhold assisted with traffic control at the scene of an accident on Hwy 77 @ Cherry St in Lexington.

A caller reported that a white car that was parked on Drewry Lane had been involved in some possible drug activity. Deputy Aderhold responded and located the vehicle and spoke to the driver. Subject was identified and released.

June 9, 2010

Deputy York responded to a vehicle accident on Hwy 21 @ the Middle Creek Bridge. A report was made. There were no injuries.

Burleson County requested our assistance on FM 696. They reported that a vehicle was swept off the roadway and the driver was able to get out of the vehicle but was hanging on to a tree branch. Burleson County advised that FM 696 is close in their county due to high water. Requested our agency send rescue units. Deputy York and Constable Dussetschleger responded along with Lexington EMS and Lexington Fire Dept. The driver ultimately made it to safety.

Deputy Lapham was dispatched to CR 326 after the Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a suspicious white van driving up and down the roadway.

A caller reported that an older model truck had been swerving all over the roadway on Hwy 290 West heading eastbound. The caller advised that they were driving with no headlights and they were throwing things out of the vehicle. A vehicle attempted to pass and they swung open the car door to keep them from doing so. Deputy Ray located the vehicle inside the city. The driver and passengers were identified and released.

A complainant spoke to Deputy Easley regarding her boyfriend. She reported that they had gotten into an argument and he took her battery out of her car and left. A report is pending at this time.

June 10, 2010

Several callers reported a white van parked in front of a residence in Dime Box near CR 114. After dispatching Deputy Lapham over the radio, Deputy York advised that he had checked on the van on his way in to the office. They had a flat tire and were waiting for help that was on the way.

Deputy York spoke to a complainant that came into the Sheriff’s Office regarding items that had been stolen from her.

A caller reported a suspicious brown truck that was driving around CR 226 asking residents if they needed yard work or if they had any trees that needed to be cut down. Deputy Lapham was dispatched.

A motorist reported that there was a white Ford Bronco parked on the side of the road on CR 114 by the bridge one mile west of Hwy 77. The caller reported that 3 men got out of the truck and were walking around. Deputy Easley responded but the vehicle had left prior to his arrival.

A resident on FM 180 called and requested a deputy for a civil standby. Deputy Easley was dispatched but the ex-wife never showed up as scheduled. He would remain in the area for a while just in case she showed up late.

June 11, 2010

Sheriff Meyer and Deputy Lapham responded to a suspicious vehicle on CR 105. The vehicle was described as a white van and was last seen traveling down CR 105 towards FM 2440.

Deputy Ray assisted Trooper Early on a traffic stop on Hwy 21 West. Two subjects were arrested and transported to Lee County Jail.

A caller reported a suspicious vehicle that was parked at the corner of CR 138 @ CR 139. The vehicle was parked near a driveway and it appeared no one was home. Deputy Ray located the vehicle and identified the subjects and released them. Everything was fine.

June 12, 2010

A motorist called and advised that he had been drinking and was not feeling well. He had pulled over on the side of the road. He was driving a blue Chevrolet Silverado. He was not sure but believed he was approx 8 miles north of Giddings on Hwy 77. Deputy Ray searched all the way to Lexington and Lexington units checked to the county line. Subject could not be located. Information was passed on to Milam County.

A motorist called and advised that she had run out of gas approx 1 mile outside the city limits on Hwy 290 East. Deputy Carvin assisted. Driver was taken to a gas station and then transported back to her vehicle.

A concerned citizen reported that she saw a tan 4-door GMC truck parked in the road on CR 405 and the occupants were dumping bags of trash into the creek. Deputy Carvin was dispatched but reported that the vehicle was gone on arrival and the creek was clear of any trash.

June 13, 2010

A motorist reported that her vehicle had broken down approx 7 miles west of Giddings on Hwy 290. Her husband was on his way but it would be 2-3 hours before he got to Giddings. Deputy York located the subject and gave her a courtesy ride to the Sheriff’s Office so she could wait on her husband.

Deputies were notified of a reckless driver on Hwy 290 West. The vehicle was described as a silver Jeep Cherokee and was having difficulty staying in one traffic lane. Deputy Durrenberger located the vehicle at Ronnie’s Tire. The driver was checked and had warrants out of Harris County and also had marijuana in the vehicle. Subject was arrested and brought to Lee County Jail.

A caller reported that her friends’ boyfriend was at her friends’ apartment and he was not supposed to be there. Deputy York was dispatched but advised no one was in the apartment.

The Sheriff’s Office received a tip that a subject that is wanted by another county is at an address on CR 133. Deputy Easley, Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Aderhold were dispatched to attempt warrant service. Upon arrival a subject ran out of the back door. A close patrol of the area is in effect.

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