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Sheriff ’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

May 31, 2010

Deputy Lapham and Deputy Crockett were dispatched to PR 3063 to search for a female who had reportedly taken a bottle of pain pills and then drove off. Lexington EMS and B&M ambulance were notified to be on standby. The female returned home and was checked out. No transport.

Deputy Lapham was dispatched to FM 180 to put cows up that were out on the roadway. The owner was notified that the fence was down.

A complainant spoke to Deputy Crockett concerning a possible scam. Information was gathered and a report was taken.

A caller reported a suspicious vehicle at an abandoned house on CR 316. Deputy Easley and Deputy Ray were given the vehicle description and the last known direction of travel. The vehicle was located and the residence was not abandoned, they were having an end of the school year party. Everything checked out.

June 1, 2010

A caller reported cows out on FM 696 West just east of Alcoa. Deputy York was dispatched and searched the area but reported that the cows were already off the roadway prior to his arrival.

A concerned citizen reported that a silver Jeep Liberty was parked in front of a locked gate on CR 217. Deputy Easley responded and located the vehicle. The driver was checked out and had pulled over to talk on his cell phone.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to CR 428 after a caller reported that someone had dumped 5 bags off trash along the road. After searching the bags, a name and address was located. The subject was located and followed the deputy back and picked up all his trash.

A motorist reported that a car had struck a tree on CR 312 @ CR 309. The airbags had deployed but there was no one inside or near the vehicle. Deputy Easley responded. The vehicle was registered to a subject on CR 309. An accident report was done and the vehicle was towed.

A resident on CR 430 called and requested assistance because she was having problems with her juvenile son. Deputy Ray responded and calmed the situation. It was a verbal confrontation only.

June 2, 2010

Captain Gonzales and Deputy Easley searched for a suspicious vehicle on CR 101. A Hispanic male stopped at a residence and was looking at a utility trailer and told the resident that he was interested in making trailers. The vehicle he was driving was a white Dodge Dually with a chrome brush guard. A search of the area was conducted. A close patrol of the area is in effect.

Several callers reported a black Dodge Dually driving up and down CR 114. The vehicle was said to be speeding and forcing people off the roadway. Deputy Easley believes the vehicle to belong to a local citizen and is working on locating the owner.

A motorist reported that people were fishing off both sides of the bridge on CR 326 and blocking off the roadway. Deputy Easley advised that all the people were gone prior to his arrival.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to FM 2440 after a caller reported that a deer ran out and hit the side of his Dodge Caravan. A blue form was given to the driver due to the minor damage.

The Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call at a local business on Hwy 290. Deputy Ray responded and reported that the gate was open. The owner was notified.

A caller reported to Deputy Easley that his son had been across the street at his friend’s house on FM 696 West and while he was gone someone had stolen his golf cart. The next day, the caller reported back and advised to disregard the report because his son’s friends had played a joke and the golf cart was not stolen.

June 3, 2010

A motorist reported that the same black Dodge Dually was back out at the Loebau store parking lot. Sheriff Meyer responded but reported the vehicle was gone prior to his arrival. He searched CR 114 but was unable to locate it. A close patrol of the area is in effect.

Deputy Carvin checked CR 233 after a caller reported a suspicious black van was driving up and down the road and had stopped at a neighbor’s. Investigation continues.

A resident at the Westwood Villa Apartment reported that CPS is on site and wants a criminal trespass warning issued to a subject that is not allowed at the complex. Deputy Carvin and Deputy Easley responded and a criminal trespass warning was issued.

Deputy Aderhold was dispatched to search for a white Ford truck that pulled into a driveway on FM 696 near CR 405. The caller stated that when the driver noticed he was watching him he left onto CR 405. Investigation is ongoing.

June 4, 2010

Deputy Easley and Deputy Aderhold reported to dispatch that they were in pursuit of a white truck on CR 424. They had just crossed into Burleson County. Dispatch notified Burleson County of the pursuit. The occupants bailed out of the vehicle. One subject was arrested by Deputy Aderhold. The other subject had run off into the trees. A warrant has been issued for the second subject.

A caller reported that he was behind a white van that was occupied by two males on Hwy 21. Deputies located the vehicle and determined that it belonged to a local business and was delivering furniture.

Deputy Crockett assisted the Family Crisis Center at a residence. A victim was attempting to leave but her car would not start. The caller was given a courtesy ride to safety.

A caller reported a white Chevrolet Suburban was parked at the Walch Store. The caller spoke to the owner who advised no one should be there. Deputy Carvin was dispatched and advised that it was an elderly couple and they were leaving.

June 5, 2010

A motorist reported a suspicious vehicle on CR 323. The vehicle had been driving around in the area for quite a while. The complainant’s cell phone lost service and did not call back. Deputy Durrenberger, Deputy Easley and Deputy Aderhold searched the area and attempted to locate a vehicle that matched the description the caller had given.

Deputy Aderhold was dispatched to a residence on CR 447 after a caller reported that items were missing from their house and storage shed. Investigation continues on this case.

A caller reported that he was assaulted by someone that was at his house on Kay St. Deputy Aderhold spoke to the parties involved and no one wanted to press charges. Both subjects were separated for the night.

Deputy Crockett spoke to a complainant that wanted to press charges on someone that had charged phone lines and air cards to her account without her permission.

Sheriff Meyer and Deputy Crockett were dispatched to CR 401 to search for a suspicious vehicle that was seen driving back and forth on the roadway. The area was searched and a close patrol of the area is in effect.

Deputy Crockett was dispatched to a family disturbance on CR 101. The caller stated that he was threatened with a screwdriver and assaulted by his father. No charges were filed.

A resident on CR C in Lexington called and requested a deputy because a census worker was at their residence and being very aggressive. Deputy Carvin responded and a report was made.

Deputy Easley searched for a black Ford Taurus that was seen driving back and forth on CR 113.

A resident on CR 330 in Lexington called and reported a group of juveniles that were driving four wheelers very recklessly and was worried they would get hurt. Deputy Carvin responded.

June 6, 2010

While on routine patrol Deputy Aderhold checked on a business and found the door open and keys in a truck. The owner was notified of the situation. The shop was secured.

Chief Deputy Kothmann received a call of a suspicious vehicle driving around CR 401. Deputy Crockett was dispatched and searched the area.

Deputy Lapham was dispatched to CR 330 to check on juveniles that were again riding their four wheelers recklessly. Contact was made with the parents on CR 329.

A caller requested that a deputy check on his friend that lives on PR 8044. No one has seen or talked to her in 3 days. Deputy Ray arrived on scene and reported that all lights were off, there was no vehicle in the driveway and it appeared that no one was home.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to Westwood Villa Apartment to speak to a woman regarding some missing land papers. Information was gathered but it will be a civil matter.


Jail Count: 06/06/ 2010: 55

Males: 47 Females: 8

In the month of May the Lee County Dispatchers received 299 calls for service; the Lee County Jail had 1472 inmate jail days in population and 82 inmate jail days in holding. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office investigated 1 Assault, 2 Assaults Family Violence, 5 Burglaries, 2 Thefts and 3 Motor Vehicle Thefts.

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