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Hope Floats

by Sylvia DeClue Kelinske

Hope is a simple word with a BIG meaning, Our Lexington Community is now being summoned to join and accomplish “one” simple task. We hope to repair, restore, refurbish, refinish and repaint the float we use in our Homecoming Parades.

Did you even miss it? How was the parade this year? One Georgetown lady mentioned that our Lexington parade is better than the one in her city! Did you see the Lexington Float? Have you ever been to the McDade Watermelon Festival? They come to ours!

A Float Committee of some of Lexington’s fine citizens has already been established with a few volunteers: Greg Langehennig, Curtis Yurk, James Kelinske, DeWanna Bownds, Leigh Blankenburg and Nina Seifert. Please feel free to volunteer, too. We are currently looking for some youth, scouts (any Eagle Scouts needing a project?), etc. Our volunteer, Curtis Yurk will work with these youth (& adults) to repair the wooden frame (behind the Chamber of Commerce building) at 8am on Saturday, June 12, 2010. We hope you can join us for a morning of fellowship and learning some building skills.

Volunteers will: remove screws, replace hinges, hold new boards & screw them in place, sand and paint the gazebo white & the new boards green, remove the old carpet and replace it with new outdoor carpeting. Please BRING: screwdrivers, paint brushes, etc.

Some items needed include: 3 sheets ½” sanded plywood $24.50 each New jack stand $23.00 1 gallon of white outdoor paint $32.00 1-2 gallons of green outdoor paint $32.00 each New outdoor carpeting $ 9.36 per sq. yd. Wheels need to be greased $10-30 ea (unknown)

4 new tires @ $70.00 each

These prices are quoted from our area businesses in order to keep our Lexington community involved in this task. Monetary donations are being requested and can be dropped off at the Chamber office (or mailed to PO Box 562, Lexington, TX 78947). Checks should be made payable to the Lexington Chamber of Commerce and please write “Hope Floats” in the remarks section. Our community is the key to our success and every dollar helps.

Why are we doing all of this work? We have plans to use our float more in the years to come, how about some special celebrations for our community and surrounding towns. There are always invitations for our float to be involved in area parades held in other cities. Once the float is in good working order, it will become our voice of “Hope” for Lexington. All we need is some “Spring” cleaning and a few volunteers to make this work.

Possible Float Schedule: (All Suggestions are Welcome) February, we hope to put Lexington’s Sweetest Couple on the float. April 30th, we hope the Homecoming Parade is the best ever.

July 4th, we hope to take our patriotic float to the park for fireworks.

October 5th, we hope to help celebrate National Night Out on the Square.

October 16th, we hope to serve Chocolate Floats! October 30th, we hope to discover how the Great Pumpkin floats? December 4th, we hope to host a Christmas float.

December 31st, we hope to plan a New Year’s Eve float for the kids. We offer these suggestions and information and, with HOPE, respectfully invite all comments. Call (979)773-4337 or (281)381-9223.

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