2010-05-28 / Sports

The End of the High School Sports Year

by Mike Organ

This is the time that most of us don’t look forward to each year. We are totally wrapped up in high school sports and there is little or nothing going on at your high school. Lexington is officially through with sports for the 2009- 2010 year.

We can always look for the little things going on with some of the youngsters. Youth League baseball is full swing, pardon the pun, that keeps parents and grandparents on the move. The basketball players are playing in a league outof town, there will be a volleyball league for the bumpers and spikers. The football players have seven on seven tourneys on Saturdays to improve their passing offense skills. The hulksters will have lineman challenges to keep their competitive edge.

The young athlete has to participate in these types of activities to keep up with the Jones’ so to speak. If one school gets an edge by having their entire team play a sport or activity, you know the coaches in all the other schools will be right behind them with their athletes.

When Jason Holcomb came to Lexington, the Eagles were just getting into weight training seriously. He upped the participation in the weight program to get our athletes an edge in the strength department. Other coaches copied and everyone was again equal. Lexington then advanced to participating in other contests, such as power lifting, to motivate the young athletes. Summer camps are a must for the athlete if he or she is to be at the forefront of their sports.

Women’s coaches were not just sitting around. They were observing and setting up programs for the young ladies also. They now do weights, agility drills, and other sport specific activities to stay up or ahead of their counterparts at other schools. The females do not try to add bulk, but they do try to tone up their athletes and have them physically strong for high school competition.

The athletes of today are not like the ones of yesteryear. The previous generation worked outside during the summer hauling hay, or other manual jobs. This was great training for the body and the mind, teaching the student they want an education so they would not be doing these types of jobs when they were 50 or 60. Today’s athlete will basically only be outside for activities like football or training. The rest of the time they will be in an air conditioned setting doing little or no physical work. They ride to workouts in air conditioned cars, listening to music, each in his or her own car. Four or five don’t ride to workouts together, where they build camaraderie with their peers.

Today is different because of the athletic environment. Coaches are having to take all the changes into account as they make out their training regimens for each sport. It seems different that when you were in school and it is due to lifestyle changes.

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