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Scholarships and Award Recognitions

Graduating seniors were awarded scholarships from local businesses, organizations, and individuals at the annual LHS Academic Awards Ceremony on May 18, 2010.

American Legion Aux –The Frank Smelser Unit 5 American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship was awarded to Jacob Suehs and Keldon Wren.

Ashton Johnston was awarded

$20,000 scholarship from AT&T and the Perry Hester Memorial Scholarship.

The Lexington ISD ATPE awarded scholarships to Sarah Holt, Kathlyn McGuill, Travis Johnson, Jacob Carr, Casey Iselt and Keldon Wren.

The Lexington High School Band Booster’s Scholarship was awarded to Jacob Suehs and Kathlyn McGuill.

Jeff Winkler, Rachel Edwards and Travis Johnson were the recipients of the Bluebonnet Electric Co-op Scholarship.

Jacob Carr and John Turner were awarded scholarships from the Lexington Chamber of Commerce.

The Crystal Schane Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Mason Vecera and Rachel Edwards.

The Lee County Jr. Fair Board awarded scholarships to (front row) Mason Vecera , Courtney Jackson, Kathlyn McGuill, Lakin Cass, Blake Brown, Casey Iselt and Keldon Wren.

Mike Organ presented the Lee/ Bastrop County Farm Bureau Scholarship to Sarah Holt.

Caleb McBride, Ashton Johnston and Jacob Carr were awarded the Lexington Garden Club Scholarship.

Jeff Winkler and Caleb McBride won the Giddings Rotary Club Scholarship.

Go Texan-Kathlyn McGuill and Rachel Edwards received the Lee County Go Texan Scholarship.

The Hochheim Prairie Scholarship went to Keldon Wren and John Turner.

Jacob Suehs received the Eastern Star Scholarship and the Frank Smelser American Legion Post 6 Scholarship.

Kathlyn McGuill won the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship and the Jason Beauchamp Scholarship.

Keldon Wren was awarded the Blinn College Exemplary Student Scholarship and the Brandon Hess Memorial Scholarship.

Jeff Winkler won the Lee County Wildlife Association Scholarship.

Jodie Armstrong and Jacob Carr won the Lexington Rotary Club Scholarship.

Mason Vecera, Jacob Suehs, Casey Iselt and Keldon Wren were awarded the Lions Club Scholarship.

The Live Love Learn Scholarship was awarded to (front Sarah Holt, Jodie Armstrong, Lakin Cass, Courtney Jackson, Ashton Johnston, John Turner and Rachel Edwards.

The Masonic Lodge Scholarship went to Courtney Jackson, Sarah Holt and Caleb McBride.

Caleb McBride and Kathlyn McGuill were awarded scholarships from the Red Cross – National Honors Society.

The Riley Key Scholarship was awarded to Jacob Carr.

Lakin Cass won the Tanglewood Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship.

The Lee County Texas Stars Scholarship was awarded to Mason Vecera and Rachel Edwards.

In addition to the scholarships, each year LHS teachers, administrators, and staff present special awards to the best and brightest students in each grade level for their grades, attitude, talent and hard work. Here is a list of the awards presented during Tuesday night’s ceremony:

The prestigious Lamar Awards are presented to one outstanding male and female graduating senior and one LISD teacher. The recipients this year were retiring teacher Janie Johnson, Valedictorian Ashton Johnston and Salutatorian Caleb McBride.

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) Scholar Award was received by Ashton Johnston, Tim Tschepl, Casey Iselt, Kathlyn McGuill and Caleb McBride.

The students recognized for their business and computer skills in business education were Kogan Garrett, John Stover, Kyler Beisert, Aleece Moerbe, Rachel Edwards, Gabrielle Higgins, Christian Hess, Miranda Moffett, Karley Wren and Kathlyn McGuill.

Criminal Justice Outdoor Ed- Joshua O’Conner won the Eagle Archery Award and Jacob Suehs won the Eagle Lawman Award.

The English Language Arts Department presented awards to Nicole Cooper, Will Holcomb, Rachel Lay, Hillary Salazar, Jacob Suehs, Leanna Owens, Austin Abbott, and Caleb McBride.

Kamill Cooper, Rachel Lay and Aleece Moerbe were recognized for their work in Family and Consumer Science.

The Mathematics Department recognized Noe Araujo, Stefanie Albreight, Lauren Johnston, Marissa Sanders, Karley Wren, Ryan Brower, Christina Komandosky, John Stover and Jacob Suehs.

Stefanie Albreight, Noe Araujo, Hillary Salazar, Karley Wren and Lauren Johnston were recognized by the Science Department.

The Social Studies Department recognized Ashton Johnston, Noe Araujo, Karley Wren, Kaila Coolidge and Caleb McBride.

Noe Araujo, Leeann Burkett, Chace Sherrill, Will Holcomb and Chance Sherrill were given awards from the Spanish Department.

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