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2010-05-28 / Police

Sheriff ’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

May 17, 2010

A motorist reported that a car was broken down on Hwy 290 West near the Bastrop County line. The driver was attempting to wave people down. Deputy Aderhold was dispatched but reported that the vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

Deputy York was dispatched to meet a complainant on CR 401 in Lexington. The complainant advised that someone had cut the locks off her gate and stole her 4- wheelers and a trailer. A report was written and investigation continues on this case.

The Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call at a local business on Hwy 290 West. Deputy Durrenberger checked the building and the key holder was notified.

A motorist reported that a donkey was in the middle of the road on CR 318. Deputy Easley was dispatched.

Captain Gonzales was dispatched to the jail after an inmate became irate and broke a window in his cell. A report was made.

May 18, 2010

A caller reported that a Hispanic male was standing on the side of the road on Hwy 77 North attempting to flag people down. Deputy Crockett searched the area but did not locate anyone on the Hwy.

Chief Deputy Kothmann was dispatched to meet a complainant on CR 205 near FM 2239. The complainant reported that someone had cut his fence.

A motorist reported that the subject reported earlier to be flagging people down on Hwy 77 North was back out again. Chief Deputy Kothmann was dispatched and advised the subject was off the road.

A resident on CR E in Blue called and spoke to Sheriff Meyer regarding a criminal trespass warning she wanted issued to a subject. Deputy Easley was given the information so that he could meet with the complainant.

Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched to CR 205 after a caller reported that someone had stolen his 4-wheeler. A report was made and investigation continues.

May 19, 2010

Deputy Crockett assisted B&M ambulance at a call on CR 133. Giddings Fire Dept. was dispatched to set up a landing zone for a helicopter transport.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a subject stating that his stepson had called a family member to report that he was at a residence on CR 106 and had a shotgun and was threatening suicide. Sheriff Meyer, Chief Deputy Kothmann, Deputy York and Deputy Crockett responded. It was determined that the subject had left and was at a residence in Bastrop County. Bastrop County was notified and would do a welfare check.

A complainant entered the Sheriff’s Office and gave Deputy Crockett a statement regarding illegal dumping on CR 101. A description of the subject and the license plate of the truck were included in the statement. Charges are pending at this time.

Deputy Robertson was dispatched to CR 411 to check on some subjects that were going door to door selling meat. The area was searched but the vehicle had left the area.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a resident at the Westwood Villa Apartments. She reported to Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Ray that her juvenile daughter is giving her problems and she was standing outside the apartment waiting for an officer to pick her up.

While on routine patrol Deputy Ray located a motorist that was broken down on Hwy 290 East. The driver was given a courtesy ride to town.

May 20, 2010

Deputy Crockett was dispatched to a residence on Hwy 21 West near the Lee/Bastrop County line. A caller reported that someone had stolen 3 4-wheelers and numerous power tools. Fingerprints were taken from the scene. Investigation continues on this case.

A caller reported that a red car was left near her parking space at Town and Country Mobile Home Park. Deputy Durrenberger checked out the vehicle and made sure it was not stolen. The park manager would be calling a wrecker to have it towed off the property.

Deputy Ray and Deputy Durrenberger were given the description of a suspicious vehicle on CR 207. The license plate on the vehicle was called in. A close patrol of the area is in effect.

A resident on CR 233 reported to Deputy Ray that someone had stolen her 4-wheeler off her property. A report was written and investigation continues on this case.

A caller reported that someone had dumped trash on his property on CR 302. Deputy Aderhold was assigned to the case and spoke to the father of the person that dumped the trash. His son would be going to the residence and picking up the trash. No charges were filed.

May 21, 2010

Deputy Lapham was dispatched to St. Paul Church after the pastor called and reported that someone had vandalized part of the church. A report was written.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a resident on FM 112 requesting a deputy meet him because someone had broken into his storage shed. Deputy Crockett was dispatched.

A caller reported that the father of her daughter was at her house trying to take the child away from her. She advised that there is a pending CPS case against the father. Dispatch spoke to the CPS worker who advised the child is not to be in her father’s custody. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Easley made sure the father left and the child was left secure with the mother.

Deputy Easley assisted Lexington Officer Connolly in getting 2 horses off FM 696 W.

May 22, 2010

A motorist reported that an 18- wheeler was parked on CR 133 just before the bridge. Captain Gonzales checked with the driver who stated that he turned down CR 133 in an attempt to turn around. He did not want to cross the bridge and did not want to back up to the highway in the dark so he pulled over until the morning.

Deputy Lapham was dispatched to CR 231 after a caller reported that there were 3 horses running loose in her back yard. The owners were notified.

Deputy York assisted with a civil standby at a residence on CR 105. The caller was having problems with a neighbor’s horse and donkey getting on their property. The matter was handled without any problems.

Bastrop County reported a red extended cab Chevrolet truck that was swerving all over the roadway. The vehicle was on Hwy 290 West @ Hwy 21 heading eastbound. Deputy Ray assisted Trooper Thorp in attempting to locate the vehicle. The vehicle was located on Hwy 290 West @ Dallas St. The driver was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

May 23, 2010

Deputy Easley was dispatched to the Sons of Herman to do a walk through. A caller reported that the crowd was extremely large. A caller reported later that several people were fighting in the parking lot. Upon arrival, the parking lot was nearly clear and no one was fighting.

A caller reported that the people in Apt 9D at the Westwood Villa were arguing and fighting and making a lot of noise keeping him awake. Deputy Ray and Deputy Easley were dispatched and spoke to the subjects in apt 9D. Everything was okay.

Deputy Lapham was dispatched to a residence on FM 696 West to speak to a complainant regarding a possible burglary. Investigation continues on this case at this time.

A motorist reported that there are approx 7 bikers driving around her vehicle and are driving very recklessly. The caller was on Hwy 21 near CR 404. Deputy Easley was dispatched and attempted to locate the motorcycles.

Deputy Easley was dispatched to FM 696 after a resident reported that a male subject walked up to his house and knocked on his door and asked for a ride to Tanglewood. The subject was located and was given a courtesy ride to his oil rig.


Jail Count: 05/23/ 2010: 57

Males: 52 Females: 5

Congratulations to all the Graduating Seniors in Lee County, may you be successful in your future endeavors. Everyone have a safe Memorial Day weekend. The County has experienced a rash of Burglaries of Buildings (barns) where 4-wheelers are the primary target. If citizens see any suspicious activities please call the Sheriffs Office.

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