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Dear Editor, I am concerned

I am concerned on how other people are treated at Petersons Food Mart. Because everytime I go in there it seems like favorites are being chosen.

Let me explain! I have been made fun of by the high school kids that work there so I walked back to sit at the table in the back of the store. To add insult to injury, I have been asked to leave the store.

I was just sitting at the table in the back where the fountain drinks are. I was not bothering anybody or talking to anybody. All the while the high school kids were still making fun of me. One of the high school kids told me one of the managers told me I had to leave. I am a customer first and if I am not treated like that I take my business elsewhere.

I have witnessed some people sit back there in the back and they were not asked to leave. Just because I am on disability does not make me any lesser a customer.

I feel I have been discriminated against because I am somewhat disabled. It is bad when someone cannot go into a store without being made fun of for the way they look like or the way they talk. It is totally unacceptable for their management to let this go. I am just thinking of what other people go through, or am I the only one.

Sincerely, Jason Blackmon

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