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Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Homecoming thoughts: Did anyone have a good time? The lady who works at the Chamber on the following Monday didn’t think so. She had to listen to the MANY phone messages complaining about the crawfish shells, bottles, cans and garbage littering the street and the lack of cleanup. Of course at 2:30 a.m. when I left town it looked like a war zone, but when I came to town Sunday morning to clean up the Coke booth, the street was clean, the people in charge of garbage were working and several of the BBQ men were working with rakes, shovels and brooms cleaning the area! We had more BBQ entries than ever, most of the food booths sold out, the craft booth people I talked to felt they did extremely well, we had great music. It’s a tradition in Lexington—we come, everyone parties hard, a big mess is made and things do get back to normal—maybe not as fast as some would like, but it happens. Garbage collection IS a problem, but few people want the job and those who do it, do the best they can for what we can afford to pay. A lot of people invest much time and hard work to make Homecoming a success. Maybe next year the lady who works at the Chamber will hear messages that say “Hey, Chamber—good job. We had fun!” And maybe a few will volunteer to help next year.

Lee Marks

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