2010-05-28 / Community News

Lexington Garden Club News

by Nita Levy

May 13th was a beautiful day with no rain or wind—perfect for the Annual Yard Tour. Members and guest met at 8:30 a.m. at the lovely home of Beverly McMurrey before going on the tour. A delicious breakfast was served out on the lawn, by co-hostesses Ruth Marquardt, Edna Rabe, and Lorena Rackley.

The first yard on the tour was at the home of Ruth Marquardt. As always, Ruth’s gardening is with much love and hard work and every plant and flower is given her special attention to excel in their potential. Garden Club members look forward to seeing her yard every year.

The second yard toured was at the home of Lynn Spiere. Beautiful manicured lawns and flower beds, along with a very large lake behind the Colorado River Stone two-story house made a very pleasant walk around the yard.

Third on the schedule of many, many different succulents and zeroscape plants was enjoyed by all. Her interest in this type of gardening is that it is low- maintenance and yet rewarding with their different designs and flowers.

Lunch was hosted by Millie Westner and Sally Colonna at the Holy Family Catholic parrish hall. Delicious dishes were furnished for lunch by Garden Club members.

Following lunch, members visited the yards of Clara Grace Sherrill, Cherrie Stover, and Pat Ahrendt.

On June 10th, Garden Clubbers will meet at 9:30 a.m. at the home of Al Sisk, 2542 CR 306. The program will be given by Mr. Sisk on

Bulbs for Generations”, using drip irrigation.

Host Pat Rao and co-hostesses are Pam Iselt, Nita Lucy, Glen and Marie Spitzenberger, and Kaye Walton. Bring lawn chairs.

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