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Large Crowd Sways City Council

Speed Limit on Shaw Street Changed

In a special called City Council meeting held last Wednesday, a large group of irate citizens attended. The majority of the citizens were in attendance in order to try to have the speed limit on Shaw Street raised. Shaw Street is south of town and crosses in front of the City Cemetery and the LISD bus barn.

Three people were on the agenda to express their opposition to a 20 mph posted speed limit for less than 1 mile of road. They presented the Council with a petition to have the speed limit changed from 20 mph to 30 mph. The speakers were Mike Ahrendt, Opal Jane Beard Lewis and Linda Jo Conn.

Ahrendt said, “I am totally opposed to the 20 mph speed limit on that road.”

Lewis, who drives a bus for LISD, read a three-page statement where she said, “I respectfully ask you to consider that the temperature inside the bus is about 10 degrees hotter than the air temperature surrounding it and the only relief from that heat is airflow. Even with 24 windows down at 20 mph, there is no airflow, which makes that 6/10th of a mile traveling 20 mph a horrible experience on a hot day.”

Conn said, “This 20 mph stretch has become a notorious speed trap for those of us who have safely traveled it at 30 mph for years. In the last 3 months, an inordinate number of citations have been given by city Policemen on this quarter mile stretch of road for speeding.”

Lexington Police Chief Randy Davenport addressed the crowd following the three speakers. He explained that his department has issued two tickets in the last 3 months for speeding on Shaw Street.

After a brief discussion, Councilmember William Langehinnig moved to change the speed limit on Shaw Street to 30 miles per hour with a sharp curve warning sign before the corner. Tim Brown seconded the motion. Tony Tavary moved to amend the motion for the speed limit to be 30 miles per hour on Shaw Street and drop to 25 miles per hour on Shaw from Ave G. to Ave. B. The motion to amend died from the lack of a second and it reverted to a vote on the original motion. The vote was 4 for and 1 (Tavery) against. Tavery wants it stated in the minutes that he thinks 30 miles per hour is too fast in any residential area.

In other City Council business, Tim Brown moved to approve making the repairs necessary on Shaw Street. (Remove fill and compact back with new grade to establish drainage). Tony Tavery seconded the motion. The vote was 3 for with 2 abstentions (Greg Langehannig and William Langehennig who wanted to look at the road before making a decision).

Greg Langehennig moved to table action on changing a city ordinance on outside city limit water taps and removing abandoned water meters. William Langehennig seconded the motion which carried with 5 votes for.

Tim Brown moved to stay with the ordinance on water taps outside the city limits. William Langehennig seconded the motion. The vote was 5 for.

William Langehennig moved to table action to sell the 1938 model city maintainer until the May 12, 2010 meeting. Tim Brown seconded and the vote was 4 for and 1 (Tony Tavary) against.

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