2010-04-30 / Sports

Stopping the Carnage

Campaign for Lineman Brace Emphasized
by Alonzo Wood

We live in a wonderful, openhearted community. On many occasions this community has risen up to help out individuals and families in a variety of ways. It is one of the best reasons to live in a small, rural community like Lexington. We open our hearts and pocketbooks when we see a need. Most of the time, that need is apparent and the bills are known. However, this appeal is to prevent medical bills and a life of pain. Let me explain.

Last week I attended the Germania Farm Mutual’s annual meeting. I had the privilege of publically thanking their local agent, Kim Dowdy, for her generous contribution to the Lexington Lineman Brace Fund. I was given the opportunity to explain what we were doing in this campaign to put knee braces on all our football linemen to prevent knee injuries. At the end of the meeting, a couple came up to me and said that their son was to have his third knee surgery to repair problems suffered while playing football at Lexington High School. The mother told me that this surgery included growing cartilage in a laboratory for insertion into the damaged knee joint. Just growing the cartilage cost $30,000 and did not include the cost of the up-coming surgery to insert the new cartilage into the knee. In talking to other former linemen, I find that this is not unusual.

Lexington, we can stop this! All we have to do is put braces on these young men’s knees as we send them out to play football. The braces cost $200 per leg. A local foundation will match anything we can raise toward the purchase of these braces. We have 25 young men who will be playing in the line during the coming football season. The foundation will cover one leg. It is up to us to cover the other.

If you would like to help, please send your tax-deductable contribution to Lexington ISD, 8731 N. Hwy 77, Lexington, TX 78947 and indicate that it is for the brace fund. The braces will become the property of the school district to be used each year until they need to be replaced. Thank you ahead of time for your contribution. Thank you Bruce Reat, Barbara Allen, and Victoria Junek for yours.

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