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Sports Thoughts

Sports Thoughts by Mike Organ

The Lady Eagles just have to play one more team in the playoffs before getting their fourth shot at Rogers this season. I certainly hope that happens. The young ladies had won 11 games in a row before losing to Rogers.

The Eagles finally put a game together in winning at Academy. They could have been in the chase for a playoff spot had they played that way all district long.

The Austin news media were only worried about where Colt McCoy went in the draft as did Mack Brown. None of the earlier draftees had their names called by the coach. Four Horns went in the draft before McCoy but the media focused on the QB.

The Astros have turned things around and are one of the hottest teams in MLB. I hope they can sustain the surge, but I feel they are not deep enough to sustain.

The ‘old Spurs’ are young enough to have the second seeded Mavericks in dire straits. The Spurs are up 3-1 in their I-35 matchup.

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