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Dear Editor


I live on CR 326, almost two miles from the Lexington city limits. Lexington city council members do not travel CR 326 to get to work or to patronize Lexington’s businesses. I do. My neighbors do. I invite everyone who reads this letter to travel Shaw Road (i.e. CR 326) daily for a period of time.

You will soon realize that the presently posted 20 mile per hour speed limit on this stretch of road is ridiculous and appears to be vindictive.

I will present a petition addressed to the city council regarding this speed limit issue signed by frequent users of CR 326 at a meeting of the city council for five o’clock on Wednesday, April 28. The petitioners request that the speed limit on CR326 within the city limits be changed to 30 mph because:

1. The 20 mph speed limit is unduly restrictive.

2. No other street in Lexington is limited to 20 mph, other than posted school zones regarding the one hour each in the morning and afternoon of school activity.

3. No danger is posed for any residents on this road.

4. This 20 mph stretch has become a notorious speed trap for those of us who have safely traveled it at 30 mph for years. Yes, speed limit laws are to be obeyed, but this speed limit could and should be changed to a more reasonable 30 mph.

Linda Jo Conn

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