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Routine but Important Discussion Considered by Commissioners

At the Regular Meeting of the Lee County Commissioners’ Court on Monday, April 26, the Commissioners discussed at length changes to the past practices of the review and handling of bill paying and receiving reports from the different Departments of the County. After all the discussion and ramifications about using different methods and procedures for reviewing the bills and reports, the Court unanimously agreed to hold a workshop starting at 8:30 a.m. before each regular meeting of the Court for the purpose of discussing and reviewing bills and to review and discuss Departmental Reports. Any action taken or questions that require answers from others in open Court will then be brought up during the Regular Session, which normally starts at 10:00 a.m.

The Court also agreed on the mileage to be reported to TXDOT in mid-May concerning the total mileage of County Roads in Lee County. After getting a better understanding of the basis for the mileage as well as other similar information needed by TXDOT, the Commissioners agreed to report the mileage as 481.8362 miles. Although there have been several changes in the last two years, this number is up only slightly from the report of two years ago. In addition, every effort is being made to update the location and condition of all roads in the county so that TXDOT will have accurate records.

The Court also agreed to contribute support to the Lee County Fair for $2,500. Although the County has supported the Fair for many years, this is a nonbudgeted item because it was inadvertently left out during the budgeting process. This year’s Lee County Fair will be held May 13 - 15.

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