2010-04-24 / Police

Sheriff ’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

APRIL 12, 2010
A resident on CR 114 called the
Sheriff’s Office and requested to
speak a deputy regarding a life and
death situation. Deputy Crockett
spoke to the subject on the phone
and advised dispatch that he
would be meeting with the caller
at his residence. The caller was
intoxicated and information was
gathered and Deputy Crockett left
the scene.
Deputy Easley and Deputy Ray
responded to a domestic
disturbance on CR 430 in Dime
Box. The caller reported that his
son was cussing him and
screaming at him and he refused
to leave the house. The matter
was resolved.
A caller reported that she has a
group home on CR 440 and she is
having problems with one of the
children refusing to do what she
is asking him to do. Deputy
Easley and Deputy Ray responded
to the call.
APRIL 13, 2010
An out of town DPS Trooper
was on his way to Austin for a
meeting and came upon an 18-
wheeler that was broken down on
Hwy 290 and partially in the
roadway. Deputy Crockett
assisted with traffic control until
the wrecker arrived.
The Sheriff’s Office received an
alarm at a business on FM 141.
Deputy Crockett responded and
advised the building appeared
secure. The owner was notified.
Deputy Crockett close patrolled
on CR 323 after a caller reported a
suspicious vehicle in the area.
A caller reported that his storage
units on CR 405 were broken into.
Deputy Carvin was dispatched
and a report was made.
Investigation continues on this
Deputy York responded to a
residential alarm in Lexington.
Upon arrival Deputy York advised
that the owner’s vehicle was
parked out front and the house
seemed secure.
Chief Deputy Kothmann was
dispatched to put up cows that
were out on FM 180. Deputy
Kothmann was able to run the
cows off into a pasture.
A complainant reported that her
sister who is pregnant had been
assaulted by her boyfriend.
Captain Gonzales spoke to the
caller who advised that she did not
witness the attack but had
received the information from her
sister. Investigation continues on
this case.
Deputy Ray spoke to female
complainant who had been
assaulted and wanted to file
charges. The complainant
reported that a female subject
bumped her with her car and then
pulled and grabbed her hair.
Charges are pending at this time.
APRIL 14, 2010
Deputy Crockett was
dispatched to FM 141 approx 2
miles out of Giddings to put cows
up that were out on the roadway.
The Sheriff’s Office received a
call from a resident on CR 430 who
reported that her house had been
broken into and several items were
missing. Deputy Ray and Deputy
Durrenberger responded. A report
was written and the residence is
under a close patrol watch.
APRIL 15, 2010
Deputy Lapham spoke to a
resident on FM 696 West in
Lexington regarding a criminal
trespass warning he wanted
issued to a subject. Upon the
deputies arrival the complainant
changed his mind.
A caller requested to speak to
someone regarding identity theft.
Chief Deputy Charles Kothmann

spoke to the subject and a report
was taken.
While on routine patrol Deputy
Durrenberger located four cows
out on CR 314. He was able to run
them off the roadway and into a
APRIL 16, 2010
A motorist reported that a
vehicle was broken down on Hwy
21 near CR 440. Deputy Crockett
responded and assisted.
A caller reported a suspicious
vehicle at a residence on Clark
Lane that is abandoned. Deputy
Durrenberger and Deputy Ray
responded and advised the
vehicle belongs to family members
who own the house and
everything was fine.
Deputy Durrenberger assisted
Trooper Manner at the scene of
an accident on CR 121 approx 1
mile off CR 430.
Off duty Deputy York called and
reported an accident on Hwy 77
near CR 405. He stopped and
checked all occupants who
appeared to be okay. Deputy Ray
assisted with traffic control at the
A motorist reported that her
vehicle broke down in the middle
of FM 141 at the Yegua Creek
Bridge. Deputy Durrenberger
arrived at the scene and a wrecker
was called to tow the vehicle.
Captain Gonzales assisted
B&M ambulance on a call on CR
133. A caller reported that a male
had a headache all day and just
passed out.
APRIL 17, 2010
The Sheriff’s Office received a
call from a resident on PR 5002
reporting that a male subject
walked into his house and hit him
and he was bleeding. Deputy Ray
took the call and a report was made
and charges were filed.
Deputy Lapham and Deputy
Ray responded to a disturbance
at the Westwood Villa Apartments.
Callers reported that someone was
outside the complex yelling at
A complainant spoke to Deputy
Lapham about filing charges on
her ex-husband because he took
her vehicle. The matter turned out
to be a civil matter because the
vehicle was registered to both
A male subject entered the
Sheriff’s Office and reported that
he had a rollover accident and
needed someone to look for his
vehicle. Deputy York advised the
subject that his vehicle was
located the night before
unattended and had been towed
to a wrecker yard.
Deputy Durrenberger assisted
Trooper Manner at the scene of
an accident on FM 1697. One
subject was arrested and brought
in to Lee County Jail.
APRIL 18, 2010
A caller reported that a female
had left her father’s residence on
PR 8044 very upset and had taken
some of his things. Deputy York
went to the residence and took a
report. They called back later and
said they were going to handle the
matter themselves.
A motorist reported that a bull
calf had its head stuck in a gate
on CR 232. Deputy Durrenberger
was dispatched and the owner
was notified.
Deputy Robertson and Deputy
Durrenberger were dispatched to
put up several cows on Hwy 21
approx 1 and ¼ mile west of CR
The Sheriff’s Office received an
audible residential burglar alarm in
Lexington. Deputy Robertson and
Deputy Aderhold responded and
checked the residence and found
it to be secure.

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