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Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

Within the past couple of weeks County Road 326 (which goes past the city cemetery) has had some unwelcome renovations. First the city hired a company to attempt to repave the road. Yes, it needed repaving, but what we got feels like a wash board when you drive on it.

Secondly, the city has rearranged stops signs, then posted speed limit signs posting the speed at 20 MPH. The only explanation for the decrease in speed is a speed trap for the city to earn money. Why else would the speed be reduced to 20 MPH on a county road, outside of town? The speed limit through the middle of town is 30 and 35 MPH. There is a petition being passed through town to have the speed limit changed.

Instead of stopping people driving 25 MPH on 20 MPH roads, maybe they should concentrate on stopping speeders going 75-80 MPH on the highway.

Sincerely, Cara Boynton

Dear Editor,

I slowed, pulled onto the shoulder of the narrow county road and stopped. The flashing red lights of a black-and-white Lexington City Police vehicle were behind me.

I was mortified for being stopped for traveling 32mph around the now 20 mph curve at the Lexington City Cemetery.

“Why were you speeding?” I was asked.

Flustered, I mumbled some nonsense about being one of the “Old Timers” who traveled this road in the way I had been accustomed for many years. I didn’t think about how fast I was going. I just assumed I navigated it at a safe speed.

Later, every time I drove my husband into town, I braked hard as I coasted down the hill at the Lexington City Cemetery going into town. “What in the Hell are you doing?” my husband roared at me.

“I am obeying the speed limit,” I said. “I was pulled over for speeding on this corner. I am just obeying the law.”

Well, guess what. My husband was ticketed and had to pay a fine at the Lexington City Hall.

I am tired of hearing about it.

Residents traveling, living, or patronizing businesses in this area, please observe the speed limit on CR 326 within the city limits. It may be ridiculous, but it is the law.

At the next Lexington city council meeting, perhaps this restrictive speed limit can be addressed. Until then, remember: RIDE YOUR BRAKE when in this quarter mile stretch of road.

Linda Jo Conn, Lexington

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