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A Life That is Wonderful and Rewarding

Brian Flowers, City of Lexington Public Works employee, is seen helping to unload several pallets of grass on the Square last week. “Yes,” he said, “We are going to be ready for Homecoming!.” Brian Flowers, City of Lexington Public Works employee, is seen helping to unload several pallets of grass on the Square last week. “Yes,” he said, “We are going to be ready for Homecoming!.” It’s not often that the Leader publishes an editorial comment on the front page, but the one that follows is indicative of the community we serve. So, in Nancy Perry’s own words:

“Living in a small Texas town may not sound like the most desirable situation in today’s fast paced world. The bright lights, shopping, entertainment and job opportunities rank high on many lists in planning where you elect to live. However, on Sunday, April 11, in the small Texas town of Lexington, the best reason in the world to select little town living was very evident as hundreds of citizens gathered at the town’s Park Building to reach out to help a young couple in trouble.

“After the premature birth of their first baby, a young mother was felled with several strokes and short term memory loss. Her husband, the baby’s father, stayed by their side at the hospital for many days. While the memory loss may be corrected with therapy, at the present time she cannot be responsible to care for the baby alone. The family insurance benefits have reached their maximum due to the hospital care for the premature baby and the costly care of the mother.

“Today, friends and family are helping to care for the mother and the baby, while the dad has returned to his heavy equipment operator job. Now this is where the community stands tall as many citizens of the community realized the health care costs would continue and the mother may not be able to return to her job at a local bank anytime soon.

“A date was selected to stage a benefit. The Park Building was reserved and friends and neighbors began to organize a plan to help this young family in trouble. Arrangements for a raffle of hunting guns was made. (This earned $ 10,000.) Individuals and businesses within the town and neighboring towns were approached to donate auction items. The auction items ranged from a litter of puppies which sold for $100 each to four young boys, to a heifer which was purchased by group of friends for $3,000 that was donated back to the couples’ little baby. The offspring of the heifer, for as many years as she can produce, will be sold at auction, contributing more money to the family’s needs. A pair of flipflops was included in the auction items and sold for about $ 100 and many gift certificates for many services and fun activities were also donated and sold.

“The auction conducted by three local auctioneers who were friends of the couple lasted almost five hours with a standing-roomonly group. A barbecue lunch was served featuring homemade desserts baked by local cooks, brisket, pork and sausage cooked by a Committee of Award Winning Bar-B-Q Cook-Off Champs, along with homemade noodles, homemade potato salad and pinto beans were all served. Hundreds of plates were sold, raising more money for the family.

“The Community of Lexington is not new to meeting the needs of individuals and families in crisis.

Events very similar to this have come to the aid of those in trouble for many years. Individuals dealing with cancer and other serious illnesses as well as individuals dealing with injuries sustained in vehicle accidents have been helped with an outpouring of concern. But this event was quite rewarding for the older segment of the community to see because it was the young people who took the leadership role in reaching out to their friends in need. The young people of the community planned, organized, managed and lead out in dollars spent at the event that Sunday.

The older people in the community not only discovered a sense of pride in what was provided for this young family but a wonderful sense of pride in how the young folks in the community picked up the responsibility of reaching out to those in need. Maybe they have been paying attention all the time.

“Congratulations on a job well done, Young People. Living in little town America can be wonderful and rewarding.”

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