2010-04-24 / Community News

Stewardship Week to be Celebrated April 25-May 2

Texas 216 soil and water conservation districts will be joining with the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) to celebrate an annual historical national 55-year observance April 25-May 2 which focuses on the care and conservation of the state and nation’s renewable natural resources. The theme for this year’s Stewardship Week observance is “Conservation Habits = Healthy Habitats”.

“The stewardship concept involves personal and social responsibility, including a duty to learn about and improve natural resources as we use them wisely to leave a rich legacy for future generations,” said Scott Buckles, President of the Association of Texas Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

“When we begin to think that each of us has a role in conserving and protecting our natural resources, we can effect personal actions that will have a positive impact for creating healthy habitats of ecosystems found in and around our communities”, Buckles added.

In America, the stewardship observance traces its origin to the Rogation Days celebrated more than 1,500 years ago in the neighborhood of Vienne, France. The custom began when bad weather and earthquakes brought crop failures and widespread hunger. The people of that community responded by imploring for divine help to alleviate their suffering and privation.

“The stewardship observance relies on locally led soil and water conservation districts nationwide sharing and promoting stewardship and conservation activities. From a national perspective, NACD represents the nation’s 3,000 soil and water conservation districts which were established to encourage resource conservation across the country”, said Buckles.

“Districts throughout Texas provide an array of activities to promote the observance such as conservation and stewardship field days, programs, workshops and other outreach efforts throughout their communities to educate citizens about the need to care for soil, water and related renewable natural resources”, Buckles added.

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