2010-04-08 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

Will it be the evil Duke or Cinderella Butler for the national championship? It will be decided by the time you read this but isn’t Butler a great story? More of America will watch to see if the Bulldogs can win one for the little guys. My heart is with Butler.

The Baylor and OU girls got to the final four to make the Big XII girls look like the strongest league in the nation. A&M also made a big splash. The ACC is not the only place where they play basketball. Connecticutt is so small, it couldn’t even be a county in Texas. They have to recruit outside the state for all their players.

District tournaments begin this week. Golf and Tennis are this week. District track will be next Monday and Wednesday in Lexington. All field events will be concluded on Monday and only the track finals will be run on Wednesday.

The Lady Eagles have put themselves in good position to advance into the playoffs. They must remain focused, continue to improve, and not let outside interests misdirect them.

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