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Sheriff ’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

March 29, 2010

Deputy Ray was dispatched to FM 696 after a caller reported cows out on the roadway. The cow was put up at 3691 W FM 696.

A motorist reported that a vehicle was on the side of the road with its flashers on. Deputy Ray checked on the vehicle and reported that they had run out of gas and he was going to go get them some.

Chief Deputy Kothmann was dispatched to CR 114 just off Hwy 21 to put up cows that were out on the highway.

Lee County received a call from a man reporting that a man just pulled a gun on him and attempted to kill him. Chief Deputy Kothmann, Deputy Lapham and Deputy Crockett were dispatched to the scene. The suspect was quickly apprehended and transported to the jail.

A complainant came to the Sheriff’s Office and spoke to Deputy Crockett regarding a possible identity theft. After researching the information it was determined that a mix up could have occurred at the social security office. Investigation is pending on this case.

Deputy Carvin responded to a dog bite on CR 114. A report was written and the dog is being quarantined.

A caller reported that her son got into a fight with her ex husband and she requested to file charges. Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched and a report was written.

A resident on FM 112 reported hearing gun shots being fired near her residence. Deputy Easley responded and patrolled the area but was unable to hear any gun fire.

March 30, 2010

Deputy Durrenberger responded to a welfare concern on FM 180. The complainant stated that she had been calling the residence but no one answered. The subject she had attempted to get in contact with had fallen asleep. He would give her a call.

A motorist reported cows out on CR 217 near CR 216. Deputy Ray responded and ran the cow back into the pasture.

Deputy Lapham was dispatched to a suspicious vehicle on FM 2440. The vehicle was pulled over on the side of the road near the complainant’s driveway. The area was searched but a vehicle matching the description given was not located.

A motorist reported cows out on CR 226. Deputy Lapham was dispatched and made contact with the owner who had fence that needed repairing.

Chief Deputy Kothmann put a large black bull up that was out on FM 448.

A complainant met with Deputy Durrenberger regarding identity theft. A report was taken and investigation continues on this case.

A concerned citizen called and reported that a group of juveniles between 8-12 years of age were playing around some heavy construction equipment on CR 405 in Lexington. Deputy Easley responded to the scene and located the children. He made contact with the parents and discussed safety issues with them.

A caller reported cows running loose on CR 402 in Dime Box. Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched. The cows were removed from the roadway and the owner was notified of the situation.

March 31, 2010

The Sheriff’s Office received a call that several black cows had jumped a cattle guard at FM 448 @ CR 214. Deputy Aderhold responded and ran the cows back into the pasture.

Deputy York was able to serve several civil papers and returned the appropriate paper work back to District Court.

Sheriff Meyer spoke to a complainant who reported that his son had stolen some checks from him and had been forging his name. A report was written and charges are pending.

A complainant came into the Sheriff’s Office and reported that her juvenile child had been assaulted by an adult. Deputy Robertson took a report.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a subject reporting that his 7 year old son was missing from Lexington. He son was supposed to be waiting for him in the yard and was not there. He had searched the area and spoke to the neighbors but no one had seen him. A description of the child was given to Deputy Easley and Deputy Durrenberger. A few minutes later the father reported that he located his son and everything was okay. The school bus was just running late.

Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched to a disturbance on CR 309 in Lexington. A caller reported that her grandchildren did not want to go with their father who was outside her residence waiting to pick them up. The children were released to their father.

A resident on CR 226 reported that someone was throwing rocks at his door for the past 30 minutes. He believes someone may be in his back yard. Deputy Robertson, Deputy Durrenberger, Deputy Easley and Deputy Aderhold responded. A small silver car had been seen driving up and down the road earlier in the evening. A close patrol of the area was put into effect.

April 1, 2010

Deputy Lapham assisted Burleson County in an attempt to locate a juvenile that was possibly a run away. Lexington officers had dealt with him and issued him a traffic citation. He is 17 years old and not a runaway.

A caller reported a small grass fire near the bridge on CR 329. Deputy Aderhold responded and advised to dispatch the Lexington Fire Dept. to the scene.

A resident on CR 432 reported that there were a lot of people and vehicles blocking the roadway. Deputy Durrenberger responded and advised that upon his arrival the roadway was clear.

Deputy Durrenberger responded to a suspicious subject who had knocked on a door and asked for a ride to his vehicle. The area was searched but the subject had left the area.

April 2, 2010

A female called the Sheriff’s Office and reported that her husband had hit her. She reported that he is now outside but she cannot leave because she has a broken leg. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Aderhold were dispatched and one subject was arrested and brought to Lee County Jail.

Deputy Aderhold responded to a residential alarm on CR 226. Deputy Aderhold advised dispatch that the door was unsecured. It was determined that the wind had blown it open. Everything checked out okay.

A motorist reported a possible drunk driver. Deputy Crockett was given the description of the vehicle. Trooper Thorp stopped the vehicle near the Hwy 290 and Hwy 77 intersection. The driver was checked but released.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to Brookshire Bros. parking lot after a caller reported that she locked her keys in her vehicle. He was able to unlock the vehicle for her.

A motorist reported cows out on FM 448 @ CR 214. Deputy Carvin responded and was able to get them back in the pasture. The owner showed up and advised they would fix the fence.

A complainant reported that there were approx 10-15 people out in the parking lot drinking and had their music playing very loudly. Deputy Aderhold and Deputy Ray responded and spoke to the manager who reported that she was having a block party for the tenants. She was asked to turn down the music.

April 3, 2010

A resident on CR 323 reported a suspicious vehicle in his neighbor’s driveway and no one is home. A vehicle description was given to Deputy York and Deputy Crockett who searched for the vehicle.

A motorist reported a vehicle with paper tags to be swerving all over the roadway on Hwy 290 East. Deputy York attempted to locate the vehicle.

A caller reported that a female was at her residence and had refused to leave when asked. Deputy Carvin was dispatched but reported that the subject had left prior to his arrival.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to CR 133 approx 3 miles off FM 180. The donkey ran up onto a private road and back into a pasture.

April 4, 2010

A resident on CR 133 reported that when she returned home she found several items missing. Deputy Ray responded and a theft report was taken. The case is currently under investigation.

A female caller reported that her husband had hit her in the face and she believes he may have broken her nose. Deputy Ray and Deputy Aderhold responded to the disturbance. The husband had left the residence. The complainant filed charges and made a report.

A motorist reported that her husband had found a motorcycle in the ditch on Hwy 290 West at CR 200. Deputy York responded and made sure the bike was not reported as stolen. It was then towed.

A young male reported that his dad was hitting his mom. Deputy Aderhold responded to the Town and Country Mobile Home Park and spoke to the mom who advised that her husband had left the house.

Jail Count: 04/04/2010: 47 Males: 40 Females: 7

In the month of March the Lee County Dispatchers received 272 calls for service, the Lee County Jail had 1286 inmate jail days in population and 73 inmate jail days in holding.





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