2010-04-01 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

One of the writers for the Austin American wanted to know what was next for the Longhorn basketball team after this season’s collapse. Could it be fundamentals that all those high school stars haven’t needed to use against lower level opposition? Number one would be blocking out on defense. The basketball analyst said on national TV that Wake Forest’s best play was a missed shot because they got to dunk the putback. The same thing happened against A&M, Baylor, Kansas State, and Iowa State.

Baylor, Kansas State, and A&M made the Big XII look good in March Madness. Baylor possibly could have made it to the final four if they had blocked out on a free throw miss with the score tied. Remember the old coach’s saying, “Fundamentals begins with FUN”.

The Major League baseball season begins Sunday. The Astros and Rangers seem to be going in different directions. With Nolan Ryan as president, the Rangers are putting more emphasis on pitching. The Astros have gone for hitting and lost focus on top pitching, an idea that failed the Rangers for years.

The Lady Eagles are in a fight for a play off spot in a highly competitive district race behind Rogers. The Lady Eagles are getting quite a following for their games.

The Eagles’ backs are to the wall. They have to catch fire if they are to play after the last district game.

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