2010-03-25 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The week off was really hectic with canceled games, families going on trips, and the WEATHER!!!!!

Tuesday was a gameday; it was more of a flood day. Game sites were changed to get the games in a reasonable manner. Friday was a perfect day for ball, but Saturday wasn’t. The trip to play at Dell Diamond was supposed to be a perk. The only perk fans and players wanted was some hot coffee percolating. It was cold and windy, not your good baseball conditions.

This week will be more hectic than last. Baseball and softball have two games each, one on Tuesday and the other on Saturday. (The baseball game has been moved to JV @ 4:30 and the varsity @ 7:00 to accommodate the youngsters that will be showing at the Lee County Junior Livestock Show. There will be track meets, high school on Thursday and middle school on Friday to compound matters. There may even be a tennis match or two played during the week if there is time. I will need some help, I won’t be able to make all the events.

If the two ball teams are to make the playoff, they both need to cut down on their fielding errors. Both teams are offensively talented enough to make the post season.

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