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When looking for books at the Giddings Public Library don’t forget to check the shipments of books sent out every several months from the Central Texas Library System. They contain an excellent and varied selection of western, fiction and non-fiction books such as Cruel Intent by the popular author, J. J. Jance.

Robert Ludlum is best known for creating Jason Bourne, the main character in his Bourne series novels. The latest written by Eric Van Lustbader is Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Deception. Filled with adventure and suspense, this novel can hold up to any of the other six Bourne novels.

The Seventh Edition Of Genealogy On Line is an excellent guide to helping trace your family history. Winchester Rarities highlights items from a bygone era where Winchester Corporation spread its influence into nearly every aspect of American life. His Excellency by Joseph Ellis is a wonderful biography of George Washington’s life and career and a tribute to the figure who was first in the hearts of his followers.

Lovin’ That Lone Star Flag by E. Joe Deering has more than one hundred favorite flag photographs. Texans use their state flag to decorate or attach to any item they choose including license plates, clothing, belts, rooftops, water tanks, etc. This book truly captures the pleasure that Texans get from displayed flags from their state whether it be on land, sea, or air.

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