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Court Approves Awareness Signage for Child Abuse Month

At the Regular Meeting of the Lee County Commissioner’s Court on Monday, March 8, 2010, the Court heard from a spokesperson for several of the organizations involved with child abuse in Lee County. The Court was requested to approve placing blue ribbons on and around the Courthouse all through the month of April to bring attention to the problem of child abuse. The request was being made so that a collaborated effort with all the organizations involved can proceed. The Commissioners were told that the problem is definitely serious in Lee County with 13.5% of all children in the County being affected. This 13.5% in Lee County compares with only 3.5% for the entire State of Texas. After hearing the report and the request, the Court approved the request.

The Court also reviewed a bill recently received from Wiss, Janey, Elstner Associates for some additional efforts expended on behalf of the County to submit the Courthouse Master Plan Supplement and for Grant Writing Services. The original contract amount was set as $25,700 for this effort and the new bill adds an additional $4,474. No action was taken pending further examination of this additional amount requested.

The Commissioners also discussed the fact that the County has recently been awarded approximately $803,000 for emergency repairs to the Courthouse caused by actions taken during the recent Restoration Project. The County is still waiting for word on a follow up grant for more permanent repair of the earlier work.

In other Court business, the Court authorized the County Attorney to proceed with the transfer of Lee County’s ownership of a plot of land belonging at one time to the Tanglewood School District No. 12 to the Tanglewood VFD. The title to this land has been confused for several years, and this action will clear up any boundary issues for the VFD.

The Court also approved and ratified the bonds of Elected County Officials and approved an Affidavit of Fact concerning mineral royalty interest under County Road 117.

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