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Fayette County Country Music Club

Chris Rybak Chris Rybak The Fayette County Country Music Club will host their monthly Opry on Monday, March 15, 2010 at the KC Hall in La Grange. The show starts at 7:30 P.M. and the doors will open at 5:30 P.M. Admission is only $5.00. The Opry is brought to you by the Fayette County Country Music Club, which is dedicated to the promotion of good country music. This month we are featuring:

MICHAEL MACH’s musical influences were shaped very early by his mother Ruby. Michael can remember at an early age his mother listening to Hank Williams and Janis Joplin on the turntable. Those diverse, yet classic sounds stayed with Michael throughout his life. Michael has been performing professionally on-stage for over 16 years. His musical influences today include Neil Diamond, Bruce Hornsby, Robert Earl Keen and Ronnie Dunn. He believes that music is a wonderful way to express who you are and tell a story.

ZACH NOVAK, CHARLIE BARTOS & DENNIS TOUSEKZach is 16 years old and loves Czech music and just give him a keyboard or an accordion and he will show you just how much. Playing music makes him happy but things have not always been easy for him. Diagnosed before the age of 3 with Autism, and eventually with Tourettes Syndrome and a seizure disorder, Zach has overcome many obstacles. He did not talk until he was near the age of 7 but that did not slow him down. Zach does not read a note of music so sometimes his playing sounds are a little different than everyone else’s. He got his first accordion for his birthday a couple of years ago and learned to play it immediately. Zach has played as a special guest with Charlie and Dennis with their band the Incredible Music Mak- ers and also played with them in the Czhilispiel Parade. CHARLIE BARTOS and DENNIS TOUSEK both love to play the accordion. It was by pure accident that they decided to play their accordions for the Incredible Knockouts at the chili booth at Czhilispiel. This sparked the beginning of the Incredible Music Makers. Charlie is a native of Flatonia, Texas and learned to play the accordion when he was 11 years old. He is mostly self-taught with the exception of a few lessons from his dad, and learned to play by practicing every day. He loves to play polkas, waltzes, and country-western music. Dennis was born and raised in Moulton, Texas, in the vicinity of Cotton Grove. He was 9 years old when his parents purchased an accordion for him to play. He received lessons from the famous Charlie Tousek who had a band around the Moulton area. During his teenage years, Dennis only played for his family, and was even known to play all night long until the sun was coming up. Charlie and Dennis’ dream came true when the Incredible Music Makers band was formed. They will accompany Zach playing some good Czech music.

KEITH MAGEL “THE TEXAS PIANO MAN” was raised in the small Texas town of Pleasanton. At the age of 6 he began watching his mother, a church organist practice hymns. He became hooked and began taking classical piano lessons. Keith began writing music at the age of 17 and his first studio recording was done at the age of 18. Keith has 10 independent releases out. These albums showcase versatility as a musician and an entertainer. In 2005 alone, Keith sold 1,000 CD’s with no help from mass media, a record label, a distribution company or the internet. Keith’s CD’s are copied and designed individually and everyone who buys his CDs buys them because they have heard him play a live show. It doesn’t get any more real than that. Keith’s single most impressive accomplishment is simply how much he has done in such a short time.

CHRIS RYBAK – is one of the most popular accordion entertainers in Texas and can be found performing all across the state throughout the year. Combining his love of music, strong Czech Heritage, and arousing charisma, this accordion cowboy has what it takes to entertain audiences through his showmanship and fresh enthusiastic musical style. Chris’s show utilizes his talents on the accordion, along with the keyboard, a trumpet and vocals. He has charmed countless audiences of all ages, opinions and musical tastes, as he plays over 150 dates a year that include everything from the Texas Folklife Festival in San Antonio, the German Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Labor Day’s Czech West Fest in Central Texas and many others. He also has taken his music multiple times to Europe, including appearances in the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia (the homeland of his beautiful wife Edita).

So be sure to be with us on Monday, March 15 for another great night of entertainment.

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