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The 2010 United States Census

In mid March the US Census Bureau will distribute a census packet to every structure that could be used as a living area. Each building has been cataloged with a GPS location. If the location has no mailbox or the household utilizes a post office box, the packet will be hand delivered.

The census forms for one per person are SIMPLE to fill out. They consist of 10 questions and do not request any information that could be considered invasive. The questions ask: 1. How many people live in the house? 2. Are there any additional people living in the house that you did not include in the previous question? 3. What type of building do you live in? 4. What is your telephone number? 5. Name of person? 6. Sex of person? 7. Person’s birthdate? 8. Is person of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin? 9. What is the person’s race? 10. Does the person sometimes live or stay somewhere else? A page is required for each person in the household. If you require assistance or need additional forms, an office is being set up in the Giddings Library (on Orange Avenue/FM 141 just north of Highway 290). The Due Date for mailing in the census forms is April 1, 2010.

Notice that there are NO requests for your Social Security Number, your employer, your salary, your citizenship, your marital status, or your legal status with law enforcement. The Census just wants an accurate count of the number of living humans. This data will determine the number of legislative delegates that will represent the local area. It will also determine the amount of funding that the Federal Government sends to local communities.

The most important thing to know is that if you mail in your forms you Will NOT have to speak to any employee of the Census Bureau. If you fail to mail in the forms, a Census Bureau employee will continue to visit you until all forms are filled out.

Rusty Scholl, Chairman Lee County Complete Count Committee

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