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Lexington City Council Raises Sewer Rates

At a Special Meeting on Wednesday, February 25, of the Lexington City Council, the Council members considered the actions suggested by a recent study done for by LCRA. Among other suggestions was one that recommended rebalancing the electrical load between the Old Town and New Town areas to help avoid overloads later this year. The cost of this project was estimated to be approximately $13,000. After some discussion, the Council approved this expenditure.

The Council also approved the proposed Water Supply Agreement between the City and the Blue Water/Cross Country entities. This agreement, costing the City no additional funds, will help avoid or postpone the need for the City to drill another water well, by providing a source of water during extremely dry times. The Council was divided on this issue.

The Council voted to raise the sewer rate $1.85 per month on the base rate. These funds are being pledged to a Water Well Escrow Account. The sewer rate increase is estimated to contribute approximately $1,000 per month to the escrow account.

The Council approved to work with the Chamber of Commerce again this year to support the annual Homecoming with the usual street closings and other actions.

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