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Police Looking for Suspect in Assault Case

Involving Gun, Knife and Choking

Police are looking for an alleged suspect in a case involving a Lexington couple in which the woman was assaulted three times. On Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at approximately 11 p.m., a 29-yearold woman notified Lexington Police Officer Fred Kelly that she had been assaulted by her 40- year-old boyfriend. The female told Kelly that at around 9 p.m., her boyfriend of many years had been drinking at a bar in Lexington when he returned home, not to find her there. Aggravated that she wasn’t home, he left the house and returned a short time later to find her home. She reported that he got a pistol out of a friend’s car, came back into the house where she was holding one of their two children and he placed the gun to her forehead and pulled the trigger.

According to the police report she said she heard the trigger click, but the gun did not fire. Friends, who were at the house, took the loaded handgun away from the boyfriend. In the meantime, the woman fled out the back door and hid with their children.

Next, the complainant told Kelly that the suspect called to her and convinced her to return to the back porch where he was waiting. She returned to him and he began to choke her. Again, a friend came to her rescue and pulled him off of her. That’s when the suspect ran into the kitchen and retrieved a 12- inch Bowie knife and attempted to cut and stab the complainant, cutting her shirt and under garments. Again the friends of the complainant took the knife away from the suspect.

After the attack, the victim took their children and fled the home. Approximately two hours later she went to the Police Department to report the incident before spending the night with friends.

Lexington Police have the 9mm semi-automatic pistol used in the attack.

A warrant has been issued for the boyfriend’s arrest on four counts: Deadly conduct (misdemeanor); Aggravated Assault (2nd degree felony); Endangering a Child (Texas Jail Felony) and Assault - Family Violence (3rd degree felony. The police are looking for the suspect at this time.

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