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Courthouse Gets New Security System

In their regular meeting on Monday, February 22, the Lee County Commissioners considered a proposal from Guardian Security Solution, LLC, to add cameras and card access control to the Courthouse. This is a part of an ongoing program to provide increased security to the Courthouse, in part because of several incidents over the past couple of years and because of incidents reported from other Counties in Texas.

The proposed system will consist of both inside and outside video cameras tied to a central location as well as a method to limit and control access to the Courthouse during non-business hours. The system will provide law enforcement officials with a permanent, legally admissible record of any intrusion as well as a time and date stamped record of all after hours entry into the building. The system will cost the County $42,555 and this cost will come from a combination of the County’s Security Fund, the County’s Hot Check Fund, and the County’s Contingency Fund.

In other actions, the Court acted to proclaim the week of February 21-27 as Severe Weather Awareness Week, calling attention to the need for all residents to be aware and take precautions against the severe weather that often plagues Central Texas.

The Court also received the 2009 Racial Profiling Report from the Sheriff’s Office. There were no significant incidents reported.

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