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Sheriff ’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

February 8, 2010

Deputy Crockett was dispatched to check on some cattle that appeared to be in poor health on CR 222. The owner of the cows has not been determined and investigation continues on this case.

A caller reported another case of possibly starving cattle on CR 336. Deputy Crockett also checked on these cattle and spoke to a neighbor regarding the name of the owner. Investigation continues.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a motorist reporting that a red Ford truck had run off the road on Hwy 21. The caller did not see it happen and they stopped but the driver had left the scene. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Robertson assisted Trooper Thorp. The driver was located at his residence and transported back to the scene for investigation purposes.

A motorist reported a large pipe in the roadway on Hwy 77 North on the right hand lane near the old Tin Star. Deputy Durrenberger was dispatched and searched the area but was unable to locate any pipe in the roadway.

A concerned citizen reported a possible burglary in process on Drewry Lane. The residence has been vacant. Deputy Easley and Deputy Ray checked out the residence and reported that it was a cleaning crew that was there.

While on routine patrol Deputy Durrenberger drove upon a one vehicle rollover on FM 1697. No one was injured. The driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated and he also had an outstanding Lee County warrant.

Deputy Aderhold assisted DPS at the scene of a two vehicle accident on Hwy 290 East just outside the city limits.

February 9, 2010

The Sheriff’s Department received a 9-1-1 hang up call from Vadies. Deputy Ray and Deputy Aderhold were dispatched. Everything was fine.

Deputy Aderhold checked on a local business alarm on Hwy 290. He reported to dispatch that all the gates were locked and secure.

A motorist reported cows out on FM 1697 approx 1 mile off FM 141. Deputy Crockett was dispatched and got the cows off the road.

Deputy Robertson spoke to a complainant regarding cows that appear to be starving on CR 324. The owner of the cows has not yet been determined.

February 10, 2010

A caller reported a large cow out on FM 1624 approx 5 miles south of Lexington. Deputy Crockett was dispatched.

Deputy Easley spoke to a complainant regarding the theft of his truck. The information was taken and the stolen vehicle was entered into the TCIC/NCIC computer. Investigation continues on this case.

A resident on Hwy 290 East reported that his barn had been broken into. Deputy Durrenberger met with the complainant and a report was taken.

Deputy Ray met with a complainant at the Sheriff’s Office. The complainant filed terroristic threat and phone harassment charges against his ex wife.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a white Chevrolet truck that was leaving a local store in Lexington and the driver appeared to be very intoxicated. Deputy Aderhold assisted Lexington Police in locating the vehicle. The driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Deputy Aderhold and Deputy Ray were dispatched to a disturbance call on CR 314. The caller stated that her aunt was intoxicated and was yelling and cursing at her. The matter was resolved because the aunt went to bed for the night.

February 11, 2010

Several motorists reported cows out on Hwy 21 near CR 114. Deputy Lapham was dispatched and was able to run the cattle off the roadway.

A motorist reported a major head on collision on Hwy 290 West in Paige. Three vehicles were involved. One person was trapped inside their vehicle. Jaws of Life and Starflight were requested. Bastrop County was notified. Deputy Carvin, Deputy Durrenberger, Deputy Easley and Trooper Early all assisted until Bastrop units arrived on the scene.

Deputy Durrenberger answered an alarm call at a local business on Hwy 290 West. All the gates were locked and the property appeared secure. The owners were notified.

February 12, 2010

Lee County Sheriff’s Department was notified by a local hospital regarding a dog bite. Information was taken by Deputy Aderhold.

Lee County COOP requested a deputy to check on some suspicious activity that was caught on their surveillance system. Deputy Lapham took a report and investigation continues on this case. Charges are pending.

Deputy York was dispatched to suspicious circumstances on CR 208. A caller reported that their gate was open and it appeared someone had dragged something off their property. The complainant’s cousins were on the property picking up cans. The track marks were made by the wheel barrel they were using for the cans.

February 13, 2010

A complainant spoke to Deputy Ray regarding her juvenile son. He had gone to the movies with his sister then left with some friends. The juvenile was taken home.

Deputy York responded to a disturbance in the visitation lobby at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. A female claimed that a woman walked into the lobby and started to pick a fight with her. The female causing the problems was asked to leave and no other problems occurred.

Deputy Lapham received a report regarding a red truck that was suspected of using other people’s credit cards to purchase fuel. Deputy Lapham parked behind the building and the suspect vehicle showed up and began pumping gas. The driver was taken into custody and transported to the Lee County Jail. The vehicle was impounded and towed to the Sheriff’s Dept. impound yard.

A motorist reported that a man in a black car was behind him flashing his high beams at him. The complainant pulled over and the man was screaming and cursing at him. Deputy Ray and Deputy Durrenberger were dispatched but the complainant called back and said he didn’t want to make a report and he was driving away.

A caller reported that his daughter was broke down on Hwy 77 near the Giddings High School. Deputy Ray and Deputy Carvin located her and helped get her vehicle off the highway. Her father was on his way to assist her.

February 14, 2010

Deputy Durrenberger responded to an alarm call at a local business. The key holder was notified and met the deputy so the building could be checked. Everything was okay.

While on routine patrol Deputy Carvin noticed that the front glass of the K&C Quick Stop had been broken. It appeared that someone had attempted to break in. Investigation continues on this case. Charges are pending.

Brazos County advised that they had received a 9-1-1 hang up call from a residence on FM 112. Deputy Ray went to the residence and no one was there. The house was dark and no vehicles were on the property.

Deputy Robertson and Deputy Durrenberger were dispatched to a disturbance on PR 7703. A caller reported that she was trying to get her boyfriend to leave because they were arguing but he refused.

An alarm call came in from a business on Hwy 290 West. Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Robertson were dispatched. All gates and doors were secure.

Deputy Robertson and Deputy Ray checked out a suspicious vehicle at the Walch Store. The driver was lost and he was given directions on how to get back on to Hwy 77.

Jail Count: 02/14/2010 : 45

Males: 42 Females: 3

It was reported from a citizen this past week that he had found a box of old blasting caps in his workshop that had been there over 25 years. These blasting caps were volatile in nature. If you find or see what appears to be blasting caps, do not touch or move them. Please notify the Sheriff’s Office for us to contact ATF for proper disposal.



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