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Young Eagles Struggle in Florence

But 8A’s bring home the win
by Mark Strain

Gabriel McMahon out jumps Florence at the tip off of the 8th Grade Boys’ B game in Florence last week. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Gabriel McMahon out jumps Florence at the tip off of the 8th Grade Boys’ B game in Florence last week. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. The Buffaloes of Florence played host to the Lexington Eagles Boys Middle School Basketball teams Thursday night, February 4th. 7B initiated the games for the night. The match was as even as it can be with the win winding up with Florence. Colby Johnson and Jason Handrick each put up a free throw in the first half with Johnson adding another 2 points in the second half. Final score was Florence 7B over Lexington 7B 6-4.

8B started play and had high hopes for Lexington. In the first half Hunter Wilson and Derek Dane both put in a bucket while holding Florence to a single score. The half ended Lexington over Florence 4-2. The second period took off, Florence took off, and Lexington didn’t take off. Florence quickly jumped out to a lead that Lexington was never able to catch. Florence put up 11 points in the second half and held Lexington scoreless. Florence 8B over Lexington 8B 13-4.

7A was the game of the night. The young Lexington Eagles were hoping to double up the seasons win column by once again beating the Florence Buffaloes. The first period was the warm up period with both teams driving back and forth with little production. Jason Mack had the only 2 points for the Eagles while the Buffaloes were able to put up 4. First period ended Florence over Lexington 4- 2. In the second period everyone was warmed up and the balls started flying. Mack put up 2 more, Logan Lee and W. E. Meuth each added 2, but Florence extended their lead by 5. The half ended Florence over Lexington 14- 9. The third period was evenly matched. Both teams were driving down low and fighting hard for rebounds. Meuth started the Lexington scoring with a 3 pointer, Samuel Meza put in a rebound bucket for 2, Bryce Shirocky was sent to the free throw line and made both points, Walt Green put in his first 2 for the night and some mysterious player added a free throw. While Lexington was busy more than doubling the night’s scoring, Florence was lock step with them, doubling their scoring as well. The third period ended with Florence over Lexington 24- 18. Start of the 4th period has Lexington trailing in points, but not in spirit. Mack puts up 2 and Meuth puts up 4 more points as both teams battle back and forth. With 1 minute and 18 seconds left Florence leads in the game 26-24. As the clock continues to run, Lexington gets the ball back and Meza is able to put in 2 off of a rebound tying the game 26-26 with 44 seconds left. Down to 37 seconds and Florence is sent to the free throw line making a single point which puts them ahead by one, 27-26. The clock shows 22 seconds as Logan Lee takes the ball down for Lexington’s final score of the night leading Florence 28-27. The Lexington fans were up and down cheering wildly. All would be good if Florence would leave the 22 seconds alone, but alas it was not meant to be. As the clock ticks down to 3 seconds, Florence was able to put up one more score and win the game 29-28.

After the excitement of 7A, 8A tipped off at what seemed like a slower pace. Coach Holcomb had his game plan and Lexington was in the hunt for the chance to win one in Florence. In the first period Eriq Mitchell put in two 2’s and a 3, Cameron Janda put in 2 2’s and Corey Strain had a single bucket to bring the scoring total to 13. The first period ended 13-9, Lexington over Florence.

The second period had both teams score 6 points, 2 each from Noble Little, Strain and Janda going into the half Lexington over Florence 19-15. In the third period Florence was able to add 13 while Lexington helped their cause with only 11. Mitchell had a free throw, 2 2’s and a 3 pointer while London Jacob had a bucket and a free throw. Third period had Florence gain some ground, but Lexington was still up 30-28.

The fourth period concluded with Mitchell scoring another 2 and a free throw and Jacob adding 2 more. While the scoring slowed for Lexington, the defense was in full swing, limiting Florence to only 4 points.

The final score of the night and the only win for Lexington for the evening was Lexington 8A 35-32 over Florence. For the night Eriq Mitchell had 18, Cameron Janda 8, Corey Strain 4, London Jacob 3 and Noble Little 2.

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