2010-02-04 / Sports

Fitzhenry Stays at Giddings

by Mike Organ

Derek Fitzhenry made the decision to stay at Giddings after turning down a 5A job near Houston.. He said the old rule,”God, family, job” made the decision for him. “We like our church, my family will be better served in Giddings, and this is a great job.

Every place has some problems and the ones in Giddings are easier solved than other places.”

“Pasadena was a great job and it was the hardest call to make, but all considered Giddings is the place for the Fitzhenry family.

Coach Fitzhenry would like to thank all the people that came to him, asking him to stay in Giddings and be a presence in their athletes’ lives. He thinks the future of Giddings athletics is great and told the athletes that there should be a state championship in their future.

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