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Middle School Boys Travel to Salado

by Mark Strain

8th Grader Taylor Otte is seen looking to pass during their game against Salado last Thursday night. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. 8th Grader Taylor Otte is seen looking to pass during their game against Salado last Thursday night. PHOTO BY MARK STRAIN. Thursday January 21, 2010 the Lexington Middle School Boys traveled to Salado to take on their red ghost image in the Salado Eagles. In the realm of district 25- 2A middle school boys basketball, all teams are chasing the Salado Eagles. They hustle, make good passes, have a good shooting percentage and all their teams have good depth off of the bench. At every level, when the five starters have been sprinting down the court and start to show signs of fatigue, in come a fresh batch of five new ones, that are just as talented as the five that were replaced. In 7B action, the Salado Eagles hammered away at Lexington and by the end of the game, Lexington had failed to make a point and Salado won by a score of 14-0.

In the 8B game with a little more experience behind the young Lexington Eagles, one might expect a closer game but alas at half time the score was Salado over Lexington 6-0. In the second half the faintest spark showed itself when Derek Dane was able to put a Lexington score on the board with a single bucket. That score was followed with a free throw by Hunter Morris and that concluded the scoring for Lexington 8B. Salado over Lexington 20-3.

8th Grader Corey Strain gets fouled. 8th Grader Corey Strain gets fouled. 7A is when Lexington started showing some signs of life, but even then a good paramedic was still needed. The first period had W.E. Meuth sink both a bucket and a 3 pointer, but Salado put up 12 points in answer. First period ended 12-5 in favor of Salado. The second period is when the Salado press kicked in and held Lexington to a single free throw while in turn adding 10 more points. The half ended 22-6. In the third Logan Lee and Miles Hannigan each added a free throw and Meuth another bucket. Third period score was Salado over Lexington 34-7. In the fourth period with the game decided, Salado relaxed their defenses allowing Lexington to double their nights output, but in the end for the third time in the evening, Salado prevailed 38-14.

In the past, 8A is where Lexington Middle School has had the most success. Tonight however with a fast pace and a fast break shown by Salado, was not going to be Lexington’s night. The first period started with the same anemic start that the other Lexington teams had shown. While Salado was busy putting up 16 points, Lexington managed 5 with a free throw each from Eriq Mitchell and Cameron Janda and a 3 pointer from Eriq Mitchell. Something a little different in tonight’s game however was the foul count by the other team. At the end of the first, Salado had already fouled 7 times and had Lexington in bonus free throws. At the start of the second period, Salado was fouling again and Lexington went into double bonus almost immediately. In the second quarter alone London Jacob was sent to shoot ten free throws. Lexington as a team was sent to the free throw line to shoot 15 shots in the first half. Anyone who follows basketball knows that free throws are the “money” shot. They are the free points so to speak. Lexington stepped up for 25 shots, but came away with only 8 points in the first half. 17 points were left on the floor as free points. The half ended Salado over Lexington 29-15. The third period was where Salado’s deep bench started to pay off. Lexington was starting to slow, but Salado would run 5 fresh bodies in who spent their time sprinting up and down the court. The third period ended Salado over Lexington 37-20. The fourth period had Lexington shooting double bonus points again as two Salado players fouled out and several more were carrying 3 and 4 fouls. By the end of the game, Lexington had shot 34 free throws, only making 12. How important are free throws? Lexington missed 22 points and lost the game by 12 points. The final score of the night was Salado over Lexington 47-35. Eriq Mitchell was high point scorer with 21. Other point totals were Cameron Janda 5, London Jacob 4, Jamyon Scott 3 and Corey Strain 2.

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