2010-01-28 / Sports

Knee Protection for the Linemen Campaign

by Alonzo Wood

Many of us have watched football for years. It is so engrained in our systems that we feel a sense of loss during the Spring and Summer when there are no games. One of the unpleasant parts of the sport, however, involves watching the players get carried off the field. Injury is a part of the game. Protecting the players with various pads and helmets has become a multi-million dollar business. For linemen, modern technology has finally stepped up to provide protection for their most vulnerable body part, the knee. This protection comes in the form of a lightweight knee brace that prevents the knee from bending in any direction but the way it was made to bend. Many high school, college, and professional teams provide these braces. It is time for the Eagles to provide such protection for our linemen.

Two local men have mounted a campaign to provide these braces at no cost to Lexington ISD. The Ron Jones Foundation has agreed to match any funds that Alonzo Wood can raise toward the purchase of these braces. Jones will pay for the left knee and the Eagle community will pay for the right knee. The braces that have been recommended cost $200 per knee. For the 25 linemen currently playing for the Eagles, we need a total of $10,000 to purchase these braces…$5,000 from the community and $5,000 from the Jones Foundation. Our goal is to raise these funds by Spring Break so that the linemen can be fitted for these braces before spring drills begin.

If you would like to help, you can call Alonzo Wood at 979-716- 9616 for information on how to make a contribution. Contributions will be made to Lexington ISD so they are tax deductible. Far too many of our young linemen have gone into adulthood with bad knees because of football injuries. Please help us stop this tragedy.

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