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LMS Competes in Academic UIL

On Thursday, December 10, Lexington Middle School students competed in academic UIL competition in Salado. Other schools participating were Academy, Rogers and Salado. Following are the LMS students who placed.

6th Grade: Calculator Applications – Mallory Ender, 2nd place (tie); Eric Koch, 2nd place (tie); Calculator Applications Team – Mallory Ender, Eric Koch, Sara McManus - 2nd place; Dictionary Skills – Melanie Scantlin, 2nd place; Maps, Graphs & Charts – Eric Koch, 4th place; Mathematics Team – Jason Winkler, Makayla Woodward, Eric Koch – 3rd place; Number Sense Team – Devon VanZandt, Robert Dimock, Jessica Chrisner – 3rd place; Ready Writing – Mallory Ender, 4th place; Kate Drosche, 5th place; Social Studies – Kate Drosche, 1st place (tie); Kyle Brewer, 5th place; Social Studies Team – Kate Drosche, Kyle Brewer, Michael VonRosenberg, 2nd place; Spelling – Robert Dimock, 5th place

7th Grade: Calculator Applications – Carl Ivey, 3rd place; Maegan Sanders, 4th place (tie); Megan Rother, 4th place (tie); Calculator Applications Team – Carl Ivey, Maegan Sanders, Megan Rother - 2nd place; Dictionary Skills – Kaitlyn Romoser, 1st place; Maegan Sanders, 4th place; Dictionary Skills Team – Kaitlyn Romoser, Maegan Sanders, Kaylie Komandosky – 2nd place; Editorial Writing – Alyssa Dussetschleger, 6th place; Impromptu Speaking – Mary Beth Ross, 1st place; Caleb Braziel, 3rd place; Life Science – Clay Brockenbush, 6th place; Listening Skills – Chris Hasskarl, 5th place; Listening Skills Team – Chris Hasskarl, Miles Hannigan, Andrew Lane – 3rd place; Maps, Graphs & Charts – Kaitlyn Romoser, 2nd place; Maps, Graphs & Charts Team – Kaitlyn Romoser, Araseli Perez, Mary Beth Ross – 3rd place; Mathematics – Alyssa Dussetschleger, 6th place (tie); Mathematics Team – Alyssa Dussetschleger, Antonio Alayon, Kasey Smith – 3rd place; Modern Oratory – Colby Stamport, 1st place; Caitlin Sherrill, 6th place; Number Sense – Samuel Meza, 4th place; Jason Mann, 6th place; Oral Reading – Madeline Morton, 3rd place; Colby Stamport, 6th place; Social Studies – Chris Hasskarl, 5th place (tie); Spelling – Antonio Alayon, 5th place; Spelling Team – Antonio Alayon, Samuel Meza, Bradley Wrinkle – 2nd place

8th Grade: Calculator Applications – Bliss Brewer, 2nd place; Corey Strain, 5th place; Allen Junek, 6th place; Calculator Applications Team – Bliss Brewer, Corey Strain, Allen Junek – 1st place; Dictionary Skills – Corey Strain, 1st place; Christen Schneider, 5th place; Dictionary Skills Team – Corey Strain, Christen Schneider, Nate Holcomb – 1st place; Editorial Writing – Cody Church, 1st place; Amanda Iselt, 4th place; Makayla Thurston, 5th place; Impromptu Speaking – Cody Church, 5th place; Listening Skills – Gabriel Araujo, 5th place (tie); Listening Skills Team – Gabriel Araujo, Meagan Hanson, Mariah Thornton – 3rd place; Maps, Graphs & Charts – Cody Church, 2nd place; Allen Junek, 6th place; Maps, Graphs & Charts Team – Cody Church, Allen Junek, Devon Canon – 3rd place; Mathematics – Bliss Brewer, 2nd place; Corey Strain, 4th place; Mathematics Team – Bliss Brewer, Corey Strain, London Jacob – 2nd place; Modern Oratory – Cody Church, 2nd place; Hunter Morris, 3rd place; Number Sense – Eriq Mitchell, 5th place; Sean Roberts, 6th place; Number Sense Team – Eriq Mitchell, Sean Roberts, Rachael Beard – 2nd place; Oral Reading – Reagan Johnston, 4th place; Science II – Isaac Demeree, 5th place; Science II Team – Isaac Demeree, Justin Reed, Reagan Johnston – 3rd place; Social Studies – Hunter Wilson, 1st place; Cody Church, 2nd place; Allen Junek, 3rd place; Social Studies Team – Hunter Wilson, Cody Church, Allen Junek – 1st place; Spelling – Shayna Jacobs, 5th place; Isaac Demeree, 6th place; Spelling Team – Shayna Jacobs, Isaac Demeree, Nate Holcomb – 2nd place

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