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Minister’s Message

What Was God Thinking?
By Rev. Linda O’Neal of Lexington and Blue United Methodist Churches

God created us all in his image (Genesis 1:27). This is a lovely thought. However, there are times when I secretly wonder, “What was God thinking?” A Hollywood world view is full of sociopaths (people without a conscience). They make exciting villains in the plots of TV shows and movies. The more twisted and evil the sociopath, the more interesting the story, seems to be the principle behind a lot of “entertainment.” In truth people like that are very rare, but ordinary evil is very common – very common and very wearying. What was God thinking when he made us all so different and often so hard to get along with? Christianity preaches universal love and that sounds so good in theory. Then one encounters irritable, stubborn, proud and resentful humanity who make it hard to put universal love for all into practice. Often we struggle just to be civil to some people. I must admit I have thought to myself, “God, if you want me to love everybody, couldn’t you just make them all a bit more loveable?” I imagine I can hear God chuckle at my request.

The reason we need religion isn’t just to get into heaven, but to be able to cope with the people on earth. It takes a lot of worshiping, praying, Bible reading and just plain begging for help on my knees for me to love my enemies, forgive those who annoy me, and put a smile on my face for everyone.

I was surprised to discover that the most difficult people are blessings to me. Difficult people drive me right into the arms of my Savior. Those are the people who inspire me to pray more often and more fervently. I just cannot love everyone on my own. It takes divine intervention. The good news is that lots of people prayed to have patience with me and God kindly answered their prayers. They were the people who loved me in spite of myself. They changed my life by showing me God’s love. So thank God sometimes it’s my turn to pass it on.

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