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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

Last week’s front page article written by your paper was a great disappointment to me. In your rush to go to press you failed to take the time to accurately gather the facts of the story. The headline “Contractor Falls to His death” implies it was a fall that caused the death. While later in your article you acknowledge the cause of death was listed as a heart attack. It seems your paper is more interested in sensational headlines than the truth. The article reports “that Rodriguez, who was working on the second level, suddenly fell from the second story to the ground floor.” The truth is he was on the ground floor, picking up his tools, when he collapsed as a result of a heart attack.

But what I find most objectionable about your article is the way your paper described Mike Rodriguez and his crew as having “very limited command of the English language” is if that is some measure of their worth. The truth is Mike Rodriguez spoke English as fluently as I do. He was also fortunate enough to have the ability to speak a second language. He was a quiet man with a wonderful sense of humor, a master craftsman, a loyal friend, a great husband, father and grandfather. I am honored to have been able to call Mike Rodriguez my friend for over 30 years.

Thank you to all the emergency personnel who tried to help our friend.

Dana Brewer, Lexington

Editor’s Note: While we reported that the cause of death was determined to be a heart attack, we have been chastised for leading on our readers with the headline “Contractor Falls to His Death.” It is our desire to dispel rumors, not cause them and our sympathy goes out to Mr. Rodriguez’s family and friends. While we may have chosen a better headline, the information we printed were the facts as given to us. You will note that this week’s Sheriff’s column also reports, “Captain Gonzales and Deputy Robertson responded to a call on CR 405. Someone called and advised that a man had fallen off the roof of a house they were fixing. Lexington EMS and B&M ambulances were notified. Shortly after EMS was notified the subject was pronounced deceased and Justice of the Peace Hester was notified.”

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