2010-01-14 / Sports

Sports Thoughts

by Mike Organ

The NFL playoffs were more than expected. 51-45!!! What kind of playoff game is that? The Cardinals and Packers put up 96 points and Green Bay started slowly. The Cowboys got rid of one negative, now I wonder if they will continue their good play. Minnesota will be a real test.

Alabama beat Texas for the national championship. I spent the last few days in Alabama and there is a whole different slant to all written and TV stories than there is in Texas. According to media in Alabama, the Tide is the greatest team ever. Never mind that Texas backup quarterback almost led the team to victory. They only see the final score. If Colt had played the whole game and Texas won, I don’t know what they would have accused Texas of doing.

In my mind, the Texas offensive line is the reason they lost the national championship and the same group cost McCoy the Heisman. If Texas is to contend for a championship they will have to develop a line that can block and keep rushers off the quarterback.

The Eagles basketball team is tied for first place with Academy and Jarrell. One of the teams will have a defeat after Tuesday as the Eagles and Jarrell play.

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