2010-01-14 / Sports

Lexington 8th Grade Girls Win Tourney

by Mark Strain

The Lexington Middle School girls hosted a four team tournament on Saturday January 9th. The four teams included Rockdale, Taylor, Giddings and Lexington.

In a very exciting conclusion, Lexington 8 and Giddings 8 went head to head for the championship. The first period was an up and down the court affair with little scoring. The first period ended with Lexington up 6-5.

The second period was more of the same, but became more physical with a run of personal fouls on both sides and bonus point shooting. The second period ended with Lexington up by only a bucket with a 11-9 lead.

The third period showcased the scoring as both teams essentially doubled their first half out put and created a lead for Lexington at the end of the third 21-17.

The fourth period was very exciting and is where the strategy kicked into high gear. Each team at different times slowed the pace only to follow up with an accelerated press. In-bounding for the Lexington girls had them stack their toes on the out of bounds line only to have the in bound “pass” handed to someone who then was either fouled by Giddings or would spin around and run.

With less then 4 seconds on the clock and Lexington up by 3 points, Giddings called time out. The plan was a clean inbound, solid passing and a quick 3 point bucket to tie the game. The inbound was clean, the passing was great and all that was to the paint where Giddings made a nice 2 point bucket, thus ending the game with a one point loss. The final score was Lexington over Giddings 24-23.

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