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Lexington Drops Salado 51-43

by Mike Organ

Lexington played one tough basketball game against Salado Saturday afternoon. Lexington was hit while making shots, the Eagles hit Salado all over the court, and it was ruled incidental contact by the officials. In the rough and tumble game Lexington’s Julien Clark had the ball game of his life scoring 28 points,. Clark hit three pointers, jump shots, twisting lay ups, free throws and passed to wide open teammates as Lexington opened District 25- AA with a win.

The game started with awful shooting by both teams. Unofficially Lexington hit two of nine shots in the first quarter. It could have been more but there were six turnovers as Lexington was adjusting the the quality of officiating. Clark hit a lay in and Kelden Wren hit a trey for all of Lexington’s first quarter points.

The second quarter was completely different as the Eagles hit five of nine from the field. Clark dropped in a couple of paint shots and a trey along with some free throws as Lexington scoreed 16 points in the quarter compared to five in the first period. Kaelan Blok and Phillip Hagen also got in on the scoring.

The third period was more of the second period. Lexington played it close to the vest, shooting only when they had the open look at the basket. Free throws continued to be Lexington’s friend as the game progressed.

Lexington had a six-point lead going into the fourth quarter. The Eagles slowed their offense down, taking a lot of time off the clock with each possession. Lexington took only a few shots from the field as Salado became more frustrated. The later in the game it got, the more aggressive Salado got. Lexington’s Anthony Robbins had the ball knocked from his hands. As Robbins dropped to the floor to get the ball a Salado defender jumped on him, never trying for the ball. Another player dove in with his head down, never trying for the ball. The officials called a jump ball with no player possessing the ball. Clark also put on a dribbling exhibition that was phenomenal. As Clark was dribbling up the court, two Salado players were poised to take the ball away. A quick couple of moves by Clark caused both players to fall to the court without touching him or one another.

Lexington’s final winning margin was produced at the freethrow line.

Lexington 51 Salado 43
1 2 3 4 F
Lexington (10-9, 1-0) 5 16 14 16 51
Salado (0-1) 7 12 12 12 43
Lex-Blok 6, Hagen 2, Wren 6, Lovings 3, Washington 4, Clark 28,
Robbins 2
Salado JVB 66 Lexington JVB 28
1 2 3 4 F
Lexington 11 8 5 4 28
Salado 19 11 20 16 66
Lex-Havard 12, CJohnson 7, Lay 7, Washington 2

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