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Sheriff ’s Report

by Lee County Sheriff Rodney Meyer

December 21, 2009

Deputy York assisted with attempting to locate a reported accident on Hwy 21. The wreck was located in Burleson County.

A resident on CR 436 reported that he was having problems with his neighbor’s dogs. They chased his granddaughter and would like a deputy to talk to them. Deputy York assisted.

Chief Deputy Kothmann and Deputy Lapham attempted to locate a juvenile who had been reported as a runaway. A caller reported that she was at Wal-Mart but the juvenile had left.

A motorist on Hwy 290 East requested assistance because his vehicle needed a jumpstart and his tire was flat. Deputy Aderhold was dispatched.

Deputy Carvin and Deputy Aderhold were dispatched to Vadie’s after a caller reported that a female was fighting with the bartender.

December 22, 2009

The Sheriff’s Office received a call from a resident on Hwy 21 in Lincoln who advised that someone had cut a bunch of doughnuts on his front pasture. Deputy York was dispatched and a report was made.

The mail carrier reported a welfare concern on CR 330 in Lexington. She advised the mail has not been checked in several days. Deputy Lapham checked the residence and received information that the resident was out of town with family.

Deputy Lapham received a complaint regarding cows that appear to be starving on CR 216. The animals were checked and appeared to be fine.

Brenham received a call from a female complaining that someone had hit her car and then the call was disconnected. Deputy York went to PR 5000 and spoke to several people who knew nothing about the call.

A caller reported that her mailbox was missing and the post was bent over. Deputy Lapham was dispatched to Hwy 21 East and a report was made.

Deputy Robertson took a report from a caller who advised that someone had broken her car window at Town & Country Mobile Home Park.

December 23, 2009

Deputy Robertson spoke to a complainant who advised that her neighbor’s cattle keep getting on her property. The owner was notified and the fence was repaired.

Sheriff Meyer, Chief Deputy Kothmann, Captain Gonzales, Deputy York, Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Robertson attended the funeral of Retired Deputy Delroy Zinglemann and served as Honorary Pallbearers.

A caller reported loud music at Town & Country Mobile Home Park. Deputy Carvin was dispatched.

December 24, 2009

Deputy Aderhold responded to a residential alarm in Ledbetter. Alarm was cancelled two minutes later.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call on CR 218 regarding her neighbor’s cows being on her property again. Deputy Ray was dispatched.

Several motorists reported that an 18 wheeler as broken down in the outside lane of Hwy 77 approx 1 mile outside the city. Deputy Crockett assisted with traffic control until the driver was able to get his cones out.

A resident on CR 223 came into the Sheriff’s Office to report that her mailbox had been damaged. Deputy Ray was dispatched and a report was made.

Deputy Crockett and Deputy Ray were dispatched to CR 133 after a male subject reported that he had received permission to take pictures of his wrecked vehicle for insurance purposes and while he was there a female subject fired a shot at him.

Chief Deputy Kothmann was dispatched to a one vehicle rollover on Hwy 21 in Manheim to assist with traffic control.

An alarm company reported an alarm at the State Bank in Dime Box. The alarm was caused by a power outage. Everything was okay.

Lee County received a call from Milam County advising that they were looking for a vehicle that was involved in a robbery in Thorndale. A vehicle description along with occupant information was given to Deputy York, Deputy Crockett and Deputy Ray and DPS Troopers.

Deputy York responded to a bank alarm. It was determined that an employee accidentally set it off.

Deputy Carvin was dispatched to a residential alarm in Ledbetter. The wind caused the alarm to sound. Everything was okay.

While on routine patrol Deputy Carvin noticed several lights still on at a business. The perimeter was checked and all was fine.

A blue Ford truck was stalled on Hwy 77 at CR 410. Deputy Easley reported that it was off the roadway with its flashers on.

Deputy Durrenberger removed large branches from the roadway on CR 107.

December 25, 2009

The Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding 12 cows that were out on the north side of Hwy 290 East. Deputy York responded.

Deputy York and Deputy Ray assisted with traffic control on Hwy 77 North after several small fires were started by a motor home that was pulling a car.

Trooper Manner requested assistance on a traffic stop on Hwy 77 North. Deputy Easley assisted.

A complainant reported that someone was playing their music extremely loud on CR 113. Deputy Durrenberger located the source on FM 2440 and had them turn it down.

A motorist called in and reported that a tan Buick car had passed him up at a high rate of speed on Hwy 77 heading northbound. Deputy Robertson and Deputy Carvin attempted to locate the vehicle.

A caller reported a vehicle that was in the ditch on CR 304 and FM 696. Deputy Aderhold was dispatched and released the driver and the vehicle to a female subject.

December 26, 2009

A caller reported hearing gunfire just east of the Barefoot Store. Deputy Easley, Deputy Robertson and Deputy Durrenberger responded to the call. The location of the gunfire was on Cushing St. The owner of the residence advised that he was asleep and his friends had just left for the night.

Deputy Durrenberger and Deputy Easley were dispatched to CR 105 after receiving a report of gunfire in the area. The area was searched and the gunfire had stopped.

December 27, 2009

A motorist reported that a large bull was out on Hwy 77 near CR 438. Deputy Crockett was dispatched.

Deputy Ray was dispatched to Deerwood Dr. to speak to a complainant regarding his neighbors shooting their guns and killing whatever moves.

A complainant came into the Sheriff’s Office and spoke to Deputy Durrenberger regarding an incident that occurred at Wal- Mart. A report for identity theft was taken.

Deputy Easley was dispatched to CR A regarding someone playing their music so loud it was causing all the complainant’s windows to rattle and her children were trying to sleep.

A caller reported that his wife was very intoxicated and while he was trying to get her to go to bed she hit him. Deputy Easley and Deputy Durrenberger were dispatched to the scene.


Jail Count 12/27/09: 61

Males: 57 Females: 4

Hoping everyone had a joyous Christmas. Let us now welcome the New Year full of things that have never been. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office wishes everyone a safe and Happy New Year. I would like to thank the local News media for publishing the Sheriffs report in 2009 for the citizens of Lee County.



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