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1. Florence, Darius Eugene Bm Dob: 10-29-1990 Chg: Harrassment By Person In A Correctional Facility

2. Steel, Virgil Wayne W/M Dob: 12-01-1964 Chg: Fraud/ Hindering Secured Creditors

3. Johnson, Neva Jo W/F Dob: 07-12-1962 Chg: Probation Violation/Theft $1500-$20,000

4. Armendariz, Alfredo Alonzo W/M Dob: 11-02-1974 Chg: Fail To Appear/Agg Assault With Serious Bodily Injury

5. Kelsey, Henry Lee W/M Dob: 09-14-1961 Chg: Fail To Appear/Theft $1500-$20,000

6. Bowen, Fred Edward W/M Dob: 06-26-1969 Chg: Sex Offender/Fail To Comply-registration

7. White, John Michael W/M Dob: 01-13-1964 Chg: Theft $1500-$20,000

8. Epperson, Donald Curtis W/M Dob: 09-07-1957 Chg: Probation Violation/Unauthorized Use Of A Motor Vehicle

9. Langenberg, Bertha Lee W/F Dob: 12-04-1975 Chg: Forgery By Passing

10. Martinez, Ezequiel W/M Dob: 04-10-1986 Chg: Fraudulent Use Or Possession Of Identifying Information

*Those listed above are wanted as of 12-14-2009 CALL CRIMESTOPPERS AT 1-866-930-TIPS(8477) FOR A CASH


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