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More Santa Letters

Dear Santa,

How are you this year? What I would like for Christmas is a lego Indiana Jones playsets pokemon platinum, 2 new scooters. Also I want pokemon Ranger and a surprise present.

Sincerely, Tristan

Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer? How are your elfs: How is Rudolgh. How maney deliverys do you have? How have you been: Why do we not see you? How is Mrs. Santa?

Thanks, Brandon S.

Dear Santa,

How or your reindeer? And how is Mrs. Santa Claus and how or yor elfs and ples giv My and my sister a god toy and ples giv my babe bruthr a big mud chruck or Santa becus if you don’t muy bruth wel start cring for the hot day.

Your friend, Savanna C.

Dear Santa,

How have you been? For Christmas I would like a i-0d, stuffed kittens, dress. Also, I want shoes and chocklit coin.

Your friend, Faith

Dear Santa,

Why does Rudolph have a red nose? For Christ I would like a happy Christmas, a pillow cat. I also want a soft teddy bear picher of an elf, baby cat.

Your friend,


Dear Santa,

How is MRs. Clause doing? Why does Rudolph have a red nose? How are the reindeer doing?

For Christms I would want a Nintendo DS Mp3 player and boots. Also a TV, and a jacket.

Thanks, Layla Gardner

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Has MRs. Claus been doing this year. I want you to bring presents to others and me. I will like a baby alive, cat baby, loulou cat limo.

Thank you,

Keneisha Clemons

Dear Santa,

How have you been? For Christmas I Want transformers and a bakogan a boy gerbil two dart bikes and two four wheelers.

Thank you, Caleb Hutson

Dear Santa,

How have the reindeer ben doing and misisclas dooine and the elfs. And I wish my onle prasint is to fly.

Thank you, Darren Easley

Dear Santa

How have you been biwing have the reindeer been? I have been good this yere. I wid wun a motcind race car that can go fast. A motzined fly helcopt. Ads with a pine. A nrf gun wish dolis and a xbox 360.

Your friend Rayce

Dear Santa Claus,

How are you doing today Santa? How is your reindeer doing? Can you bring me a DS and that is all Santa. I like that CD that you gave me last year Santa. My brother likes it too. Santa I listen to it every day. Can you get me a nother one of the CD’s.

Love Debney

Dear Santa,

Santa how have you been doing? How has Mrs. Santa been doing? How has the Reindeer been doing?

Santa I would like a phone for Christmas and a DS. Please Santa that’s what I want.

My sister would like some new blue jeans for Christmas. My dad would like a new gun for Christmas.

My mom would like some dimens for Christmas and I as so happy for my firned Amckinnley because hes having a sister.

Love, Coby Dear Santa,

How are your elf’s doing? How is Mrs. Clause? I want to ge my mom boyd’s bears. My dad a new rooking chair and my little brother Jesse a bumble bee and my Memaw a coffee macker. Merry Christmas Santa.

Love, McKenzie

Dear Santa,

How are you dong at the workship? I hope those elves are doing good. These are the things I want. I want my family to come down from Kansas. I also want a new Wii. If you want you don’t have to get me anything. My friend Jessie wants gears of war toys and gears of war2 for the xBox 360.

Love Mackinnley

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? How is Rudolph? Are you going to make it to my house? How is Mrs. Santa? Santa how are your evles? How is Danser? I would like a puppy for.

I love Santa, Hayden

Dear Santa,

Santa Can I have a psp and a DS and a game?

Love, Briande

Dear Santa,

I want diamond for my mom. Bring me a nelf gun for Christmas

Love, Ian W.

Dear Santa,

How are you doing to day? I like what you brought me last year. Can you please bring me a puppy and a DS. I thank you.

How are the reindeer? How are the elfs and dancer? How is Mrs. Claus and Vixen and prance? I what my teeth for Christmas. I’m a good girl. Bring Magge something.

Love Kourtnee

Dear Santa,

How are you today? I hope you are good. What I want for Christmas is a DS little Miss Pet Shops, a swimming pool, a Barbie, a cat and that is all I want. Thank you.

Love Darian

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Are you ready for your big trip? It will be nice if you brought me these things a DSI would be nice. My mom wants these really cute high heels. They are yellow. I would like matching ones too. My dad wants a new gun case. I want my two front teeth. I will leave some cookies, milk and hot chocolate for you.

Love Kadean

Dear Santa,

How are you doing Santa? I want a digital camera and I want a Jonus Brother de game. I want a Wii game.

Love Abigail

Dear Santa,

How are you doing today? Are your elves doing good? I want a present for Christmas. I hope your will be ready for the long adventure. My friend wants a Christmas book. I will be happy with what I get fore Christmas. So will my friend.

Love Santa, Ashley

Dear Santa,

Hi! I hope all the reindeer’s . I hope I get a gift. How is Mrs. Clows a special gift for me. I hope the reindeers are beein nice to Rudolfs has a red nose. Merry Christmas.

Love Manuel Dear Santa,

My sister wants a laptop for Christmas. It would be very nice of you to get it for her. I liked the presents you gave me last year. I want a guitar for Christmas and that’s it. Thank you for ally my presents I get. Thank you for a good Christmas so far. I like your reindeer too and if I were at the north pole I would take care of your reindeer for you. I will give you cookies and milk because you are so nice to me.

Love, Liza

Dear Santa,

How are you doing today. I wonder what the reindeer are doing too. OK now I will start the letter. Can I have a nother DS game. I am doing good at school I’m asking this nicely can I have a new Wii game for the family.

Love, Beau

Dear Santa,

How are you doing today? I have the best teacher ever and her name is Mrs. Weiser. She is very generous and nice. I hope you give her lots of things like new shoes new shirts and new earrings. I hope you give me a little reindeer toy. A cross for my grandma and a beautiful glowing shiny diamond please.

Love Aliyana

Dear Santa,

How are you doing today and all the reindeers? What I want for Christmas is a xbox three sixty a psp and a blue nerf sword.

Love, Caleb Dear Santa,

Hi, I hope you are all ready for your big Christmas. We are excited. I hope all the reindeer and elves are well How is Mrs. Claus? I bet you give her a special Christmas gift! Mrs. Rose and us has been very good this year I hope you bring us lots of present. Have a safe and wonderful Chrustmas to all and to all a good night. I wunt a puppy and a Rudolph.


Dear Santa,

Hi! I hope I am on the nise list not on the notey list because I love presents you know why because I love Christmas. Christmas is fun. I love my mom and dad. I made my Christmas list is your sleigh ready. I love Santa and Rudolph wall the elves are good toy makes. I wish I was like the elves like making toys do thay because I appeslated the toys the elves mad but I love school can we have snow plese Santa please I love reindeer. I will get in bed cuver up my hed.

Love Jayden

Dear Santa,

Hi! Santa how are the Rudolph and the other reindeer and Mrs. Clause. I hope me and my brothers and acors my Mommy and Daddy. I want a make up set if you can. What do you want for Christmas, Santa. I bet I no what yre going to get from me. Some Chocolate milke and some cookeses from me. I like you Santa and Mrs. Clause. Marry Christams and happy New Year.

Love, Michaela B. Dear Santa,

How are you today? Do you by iny chans have a hump? I’m making a pizzo cooky(huge cooky) and better than ever! Where do you come in? They cooky will taste creemy and be crutchy? It cool have you do all around the world in one night. You’re my hero!

Love, Sean

Dear Santa,

Hi! Santa have are you doing. I’m doing fine? And Rudolph How is he doing. For Christmas I want is toys, clothes, and famlly too. Have does it feel to go around the world.

Merry Christmas


Dear Santa,

Hi! How are all the elves? Mrs. Rose is teaching me and the class how to write to you. I am trying to be very good. Elvie is moving in hard places. It is hard to find him. Me and Sheldon want a Wii game. I am going to my dad’s house for a week. I can’t wait until Christmas! It will be fun! I hope you are excited about Christmas. Have a safe journey.



Dear Santa,

Hi! I hope the elves are ready. How are you? I bet you are cold at the North Pole. How are the other reindeer? Are you siting by a fire and drinking hot coaco? How is Miss Caws? I hope you breing me good presents. And when you are comeing down the chimney don’t hur some thing. I’m going to try to stay up all night. Do you like giving presents to little kids and big? Have a good Christmas.

Love, Malorie

Dear Santa,

How are you, Mrs. Claus and the reindeer? I hope you’re doing good. What do you want for Christmas? I know what I want. I want a Barbie nail printer. Will you please bring me one.? Have a nice flight.

Love, Macy

Dear Santa,

How have you been this year? I have been good. Will you bring me a x-Man a batmanand a moster truck. How are the peg wihs. How is Rudolf. How is Mrs. Clause? Is frosty real? One last thing. Cin you take me to the north pole.

Love Tylorvoiles Dear Santa,

Hi! I bet you are having fun at the North Pole. How are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Danner, Blitzin and Rudolph and all the elves. I have been very good this year. Is Mrs. Claus making cookes for you. I didn’t get to see you at the square this year and I didn’t tell you what I want and I want a bunk bed for my doll. Be safe when you give us toys Merry Christmas Santa.

Love, Gracie

Dear Santa,

Hi! Santa are you chaching the hotel I hope I m on the lest of the …………I hope I am nice to others in the claes. Is Mrs. Claus OK. Are the reindeer OK. Is Rudolph you give hem a free Christmas. The elves are good making the toys good how do the reindeer fly. Do you have lit on them.

Love, Colton

Dear Santa,

I can not wait for you and Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet Cupie, Donder and Blitzen. How are the elves? Is Mrs. Claus OK? I am so excited I have to wrap some stuff when get home. How are the reindeers? I hope you can make it. I hope it does not rain on Christmas eve. I am going to put up my Christmas tree but I don’t know when I am going to help with the Christmas tree when my dad gets it.

Love Jalueln

Dear Santa,

How are you this year? I have been playing a lot. I have made a lot of friends this year. They are very smart. My mom and I haven’t played monopoly with the quick die. I have a new friend Chris. I would like a xbox 360 Elite. I would like the movie Pokemon Arceus and the Jewel of life. I would like Pokemon sol silver.

Sincerely, Elliott P.

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I have been very good. I have been getting straight A’s. I’m being very good in class. How are the reindeer doing, especially Rudolf? How is Mrs. Claus doing? And I think I deserve presents, Rylee and Keldon too. I would like a Barbie house with real pieces and all four live dolls. I would also like a pink Nintendo DS. Have a good trip this year!

Love Santa, Sincerely, Chesnee

Dear Santa,

How are you doing this year? How is Mis Claus doing this year? How are your elves doing this year? Are your elve making go presents. Mis. Wolf is very nice. It is my grandpa’s birthday on Christmas. My grandpa some presents. Scool is OK. I think I have been good this year. I would like bracelet and pearl neklase.

Sincerely, Andrea

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