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Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative Employees Celebrate Four-Year Safety Milestone

On November 16, 2009, Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative employees working out of the Giddings facility reached a milestone of four years with no lost time incidents. A lost time incident is an industry defined term describing any incident or illness that prevents an employee from reporting for the next work period, after the incident or accident occurs.

“Safety is paramount at Bluebonnet because of the dangerous nature of the work we do, and, at times, the challenging conditions we must work in,” said Matt Bentke, Bluebonnet’s chief operating officer. “We are so proud of the Giddings team for their achievement, both field and office personnel, as well as all of our employees, for their dedication to working safely day in and day out.”

To reach this goal, the Bluebonnet Giddings employees worked together, holding each other accountable to maintain a safe workplace, follow safety rules and complete required Safety training. As a reward for their efforts, Giddings employees will be honored at a breakfast celebration, where they will be presented with a plaque commemorating the event.

Bluebonnet promotes Safety as one of its Foundation Values, instilling the importance of all employees working in a safe manner. Each year, all employees are required to complete various Safety training classes pertinent to their job responsibilities.

“It is our goal, every day, to send each of our employees home in the same condition in which they came to work,” said Allen Anderson, Bluebonnet’s manager of Safety Services. “That is why Bluebonnet insists on comprehensive Safety training and has initiated processes and procedures which are designed to keep our employees and our members safe.”

Reaching four years with no lost time incidents is a considerable accomplishment, which should be applauded and celebrated. Bluebonnet’s Board of Directors and fellow employees are all very proud of the Giddings employees and encourage them to keep up the great work so they can reach the five-year milestone in 2010.

For more information about Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative go to www.bluebonnetelectric.coop.

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