2009-11-26 / Front Page

If It’s Too Good to be True....

A local woman, Catherine Lofland, brought to The Leader an “Official” notification that she had been “confirmed as recipient of reported cash/prize opportunities totaling over: $3,276,450.00.”

It further stated that cash payments must be claimed by midnight November 27th . All she had to do was complete and sign the Prize Report Claim Form and enclose a $20 document transfer fee.

The document sported very official looking seals and stamps. Lofland decided to check this out online and learned that this was a scam.

Lofland warned, “You don’t get something for nothing. Beware of anything that comes to you unsolicited and offers a large payout for the small consideration of document fees, transfer fees or anything else that requires you to send money in order to reap the claimed riches.”

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