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Minister’s Message

Thank You, God

A grade-school class was asked by their teacher to list the seven wonders of the modern world. They were able to near a consensus: Egypt’s pyramids, the Taj Mahal, Grand Canyon, Panama Canal, the Empire State Building, St. Peter’s basilica, and China’s Great Wall. Then the teacher noticed a little girl who hadn’t finished. When she asked her about her list, the girl said, “I just can’t make up my mind. They’re so many.” “Well,” the teacher said, “tell us what you have and we’ll help.” The girl read the seven wonders she had listed: “To see, to hear, to taste, to touch, to feel, to laugh, to love.” You could have heard a pin drop in the room. In the 28th chapter of Deuteronomy, Israel is told of the blessings that shall be theirs. There are large blessings: children, livestock, strong cities, security against enemies. But there are also small blessings. In the very middle of the blessings we read, “Blessed shall be your basket and your kneading bowl. A green meadow—that gift once inspired a psalm—“He leadeth me in green pastures. I shall not want another thing.” A beautiful worship service—that gift prompted these thoughts: “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go unto the house of the LORD.” When Jesus fed 5000, he took a boy’s offering and gave thanks. Jesus did not give thanks to God that he was the Messiah, nor that 1000s had followed him to the mountain, nor that a startling miracle was about to occur. Jesus thanked God for the small wonders that were really great wonders: Jesus thanked God for five barley loaves and two fish! On Nov. 22, at 6 p.m., you are invited to attend the Lexington Community Thanksgiving Worship and Potluck Dinner, at Lexington United Methodist Church, sponsored by the Minister’s Alliance. We thank God for all blessings, both great and small. An offering will be taken to benefit the community’s local ministry to the needy and less fortunate, which itself produces many thanksgivings to God. From my heart, I am thankful for Lexington.

Gregory Nichols, Minister First Christian Church

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